Mega Fancy Dress observes Zombie costumes to be all the rage with their customers in the run up to Halloween 2012. Mega Fancy Dress is excited to announce a recent collaboration with a video production company in the run up to Halloween. In the run up to Halloween 2012 there are plenty of opportunities to wear zombie fancy dress without it being October 31st itself. Another zombie event took place at Shocktober Fest in Sussex where a UK record was set for the largest gathering of zombies ever.
Another big event for zombie costumes is the upcoming ‘Fright Night’ in Sheffield on the 28th October. Mega Fancy Dress has been excited to stock a whole new range of zombie costumes for the 2012 season.
With demand for zombie costumes on the increase zombie accessories are also proving big business.
Zombie fancy dress events are proving big business with the UK public in their masses attending opportunities to dress up like a zombie. Mega Fancy Dress is a UK based company that provides Fancy Dress Costumes and accessories to online customers. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
The creatures of the night were awoken on Monday 24th February 2014, as the masked men of Mushroomhead, the Nu-Metal Gods from Korn and the legend of horror heavy metal shows Rob Zombie came out of their graves to play one of the most devastating Soundwave Sidewaves in the festival’s history. Named as “The Night of the Living Dreads”, the sold out show began with Mushroomhead jumping on stage around 19:30, bringing their loud industrial style in a very energetic show, with every masked band member in character. With the crowd already exhausted after jumping around for nearly an hour, the lights went off after a quick break and Korn brought their manic madness to the stage, kicking off with “Falling Away From Me”. The Nu-Metal heroes were loud, energetic and musically impeccable, and treated the crowd to pure old school Korn, with Davis never losing the pitch despite jumping around the stage like a man possessed, and of course he even brought out the bagpipes for “Shoots and ladders”.
Band members Munky, Head, Ray and returning member Fieldy did what they do best during a memorable presentation, with each one of them owning the stage in a show that concluded with the song “Right Now”, that left the crowd wanting more and more!
At that stage, many felt the show was over as Korn definitely is a world-class act that could perfectly do a Sidewave show by themselves, but the Soundwave Festival always takes things to the next level, and what better way to do that than to add another world-class act to the bill, and a true legend of heavy metal at that.

Opening tracks “Theme for the Rat Vendor” and  “Dead City Radio And The New Gods of Supertown” immediately got the crowd roaring, and Rob also included two hits of White Zombie in the set with “More Human Than Human” and “Thunder Kiss’65”.The climax of the night that brought the house down came when the band played Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”. During John 5’s guitar solo, Rob Zombie decided to go for a walk among the crowd, even walking to the balcony pointing a torch to all the undead followers on his path, which was quite a sight to behold. After a short Encore the band came back on stage to close the night around 23:30 with their anthem “Dragula”, just in time for fans to head back home and catch that last train – of course with a big heavy metal smile on their faces, after a loud, killer and epic show not recommended for the faint of heart.
Adventures in Wonderland are once again offering VIP meet and greet packages for the forthcoming Night of the Living Dreads tour. In just a few days, Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare opens in Pomona, to scare and entertain the masses who will attend.
The online retailer has commissioned a zombie video to showcase one of its best-selling zombie costumes prior to Halloween.
The ‘Zombie in the Woods’ video sees the fancy dress company’s men’s Complete Zombie Costume in action where it proceeds to terrify an unsuspecting victim in the woods! Mega Fancy Dress is pleased to support the Brighton Zombie Walk taking place on 20th October.
People turned up in zombie costumes and zombie make up to try and beat a Guinness World Record of 5000 zombies in one place.
The city will be turned into a Halloween spectacular for the evening with attractions at the event including ‘Terror at the Town Hall’ and live music. What they did not count on, and what is difficult to predict, is which costumes would fly off the shelves as best-sellers.
Mega Fancy Dress is happy to announce a new range of zombie make up and zombie prosthetics. Mega Fancy Dress is thrilled to be in on the excitement and help provide people with stunning zombie costumes for them to look frighteningly good in. Since 2006, Mega Fancy Dress has consistently offered the best quality fancy dress costumes at some of the most competitive prices on the market. The moshpit went absolutely nuts from the very first minute with tracks like “Sun doesn’t rise” and “We are the Truth”. Jonathan Davis and his men delivered one of their strongest shows ever on Australian soil, with a long 16 song set, including hits like “Got the Life”, “Twist”, “Freak on a leash”, “Blind”, “Clown”, “Somebody Someone” as well as well as some tracks from their new album The Paradigm Shift , such as “Love & Meth” and “Spike my Veins”.

With both artists known for delivering electrifying performances filled with sonic thunderbolts and dark intensity, fans can expect the roofs to lift off arenas across the country. Mega Fancy Dress suspect the catalyst for increased zombie costume sales weeks before Halloween is the numerous zombie fancy dress events happening up and down the UK. The online retailer has supplied costumes to the organisers, set up a facebook competition and provided a discount code for the Mega Fancy Dress website so that zombie fans can benefit from great zombie costumes at low prices. Naturally, zombie fancy dress will form part of the show with a dancing zombies display creating one of the highlights.
Sales director, Natasha Amin, explains: “We knew that Zombie costumes were going to be a huge hit in 2012 because there are so many events happening, like the Brighton Zombie Walk and big films like Resident Evil out in time for Halloween. Zombie enthusiasts can create the look of a zipped up face, peeling skin, and zombie flesh with great liquid latex effects. To keep the buzz going for all things zombie the company are running costume giveaways on their facebook page all the way up to Halloween 2012! Rob Zombie, together with his legendary guitarist John 5, Piggy D and drummer Ginger Fish brought their metal horror show to Sydney in a stage fully decorated with portraits of iconic old-school monsters such as Dracula, the werewolf and King Kong. We are playing smaller cities and you can feel how hungry all these fans are for rock music because not many concerts come to town for them. We stock a wide range of zombie fancy dress from zombie Alice in Wonderland to zombie ghost hunters to cover all tastes. The company are even stocking a zombie ‘hole in the head’ make up set to achieve the look of a bullet wound. The heavy horrormeister awakened everyone’s inner monster and of course the moshpit went crazy for the third time in one night, with fans both male and female crowdsurfing throughout the show.

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