80%-90 of tourist and business visas are being rejected for folks wanting to visit the U.S. She was invited by an American company, and they offered to pay all expenses, to come train for a job, in China!, with a U.S. Remember, she is 45 years old, does not speak English, has cancer treatment she must continue in China and huge bills to settle up as a result.
Maybe his little sausage-like fingers just could not dial a phone or press a computer key to verify their authenticity. So, greasy thumbs said she was an a€?emigration riska€? and that she would have to pay 800 Yuan again to be re-considered (that is a montha€™s salary in China) for a tempa€™ visa.
An American physician in Guangzhou coughed several times during a conversation with me a couple of months ago. I was just speaking to my roomie, a Chinese college professor, about the issue of protests in China after watching a movie about the Irish Republican Army and unrest in Belfast, Ireland.
Males are rehearsed in panda pick-up lines and taught to smoke before being let go and a reunion is planned for sometime in 2006. Chinaa€™s Ministry of Commerce has announced the first allotment of EU textile quotas for 2006: The statement said the first allotment accounts for 75 percent of total EU textiles quotas for 2006.
Currently, Chinaa€™s allocation of textile quotas, particularly in its trade with Europe, is based on textile dealersa€™ shipments in the previous year.
A dear and trusted friend sent me one of those chain e-mails that asked me to be indignant in part because American jobs were being lost to Chinese textile companies. The East Turkestan Islamic Movement is a small, militant Muslim separatist group based in China.
Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage labeled the ETIM a terrorist group, in Beijing Aug.
After September 11, China warned the Bush administration that the ETIM had ties to al-Qaeda.
In January 2002, a Chinese government study reported that the ETIM had received money, weapons, and support from al-Qaeda. Some experts, say that unrest among Uighurs has grown in recent years, but many do not buy Chinaa€™s assertions that the group really threatens Chinese control of any region. Why are we holding men, not guilty of crimes against the U.S., in one of Americaa€™s most draconian prisons?
Many of you know that I made a vow to stay ad a€?celibatea€? on my blog no matter how much trafffic came my way. I have been puzzling over what to do for National Breast Cancer Month and for ways to defer the costs for expensive cancer treatment for The Unsinkable Ms.
Corpa€™ ads will be ten cents per pixel with a one year comitment paid six months in advance. There will be a random drawing to encourage folks to surf the pixels: Promotional and Cultural items from China will be given away to lucky treasure hunters. I am guessing that as soon as VOIP gets caught up here with the rest of the Internet world that competition will be OK.

But, speaking of a€?kidsa€?, they have a problem of their own: the government wants them spending more time productively. But, knowing this computer savvy generation of any country just how long do you think the security will work??? She has an enormous family in China, a sick mom and dad, a son in Shanghai, and NO desire to leave for more than a week or two (she has to keep up cancer treatments here) and probably is not up for a longer stay anyway.
The invitation letter, with the name and phone number of the companya€™s VP, was rejected, out of hand, because it was a faxed copy. I asked him if he was alright and he replied that he lamented becoming a six pack a day smoker since coming to China. I posed the notion that China might see more disturbances as the gap between rich and poor widens.
A shirt bought from China might mean that that great fishnet wifea€“beater shirt you found in Italya€“the one chest hair grows through like Kudzu?a€“might not be available. Pushing Congress to squash legislation against the exportation of encryption technology, and the growth of hemp products domestically (you cannot get high on that stuff, I tried in high school) so we are not reliant on millions in imports would be a smarter move. In August 2002, after months of pressure from Beijing, the Bush administration announced it would freeze the groupa€™s U.S. According to the report, some ETIM militants were trained by al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, crossed back into Xinjiang, and set up terrorist cells there. Probably, and it is just a guess, it is because the speratists say they just want a place to live and continue their a€?business.a€? That would be, uh, plotting terrorism. Chinese authorities say Uighur terrorists have bombed buses, markets, and government institutions; assassinated local officials, Muslim leaders, and civilians and burned down businesses, resulting in some hundreds of deaths and injuries. They say that the group is just too small and dispersed to wage an organized campaign, let alone a violent one. Your ad will begin on the homepage and migrate to the a€¦pennyforyourpixela€¦page after about a month. Skype-bay?), has been taking a big bite out of huge profits for China Telecom and China Mobile. There ARE ways to get around these blocks and many of the a€?kidsa€? have it down to a science. I had taken the bait, so he went on to say that it was not tobacco, but smog that was filling his lungs.
As an American, I know that NAFTA will easily take up any slack legislated against China by the U.S. It is now ranked in the top five in MSN for a€?a€?China Bloga€? out of about 9,000,000 entries. But, it appears the average netizen will not be able to phone from their computers for a while or listen to London rant about the Chinese. They will have only a few (3) hours to play or their rewards on games will gradually evaporate over longer periods. I then asked him to start reading the news instead of watching anti-Japanese documentaries.

State Department has reported that the ETIM has a close financial relationship with Osama bin Ladena€™s terror network. These are the same terrorists that we have held without charges, and cleared of any wrongdoing against the US., yet we still leave them chained to floors at Gitmo. In May 2002, two ETIM members were deported to China from Kyrgyzstan for allegedly plotting to attack the U.S.
The irony is: Cisco and Microsoft will probably be selling them the blocking software for this like they did for other things. Besides the dog owner drama of late here is a recap of one of several large public displays that have made headlines: The New York Times reported that some 2,000 people mobbed and ransacked a hospital in southwestern China on Friday in a dispute over medical fees and shoddy health care practices.
I will allow two corporate ads on Onemanband that will will run down the sidebar or across the footer. They just declared the dosages too high for a country of a€?smallera€? people (What did they do with prophylactics?)a€¦ When they did not want competition for juice and perishables they upped the stale-dates. I know more people with persistent respiratory complaints in Guangzhou than anywhere I have ever lived. The area, Guanga€™an in Sichuan province was under tight police control Sunday in the wake of the unrest and at least five people were detained on suspicion of instigating a riot.
If China does not make it, our friends in the South a€“and I do not mean North Carolinaa€“will. That Hanes T-Shirt, the one with your poodle Buffy sublimated on it?, was manufactured in Mexico. It is common practice in China to deny care if some money is not paid to the hospital up front.
At least, I want to believe that this is a fluke and not a dark harbinger of things to come.
The state-run Sichuan Daily newspaper reported Sunday that local authorities were looking into the matter and a€?attached great importancea€? to investigating the causes of the boya€™s death.
According to articles: "Providing better access to health care and education and reducing the countrya€™s growing urban-rural wealth gap have become part of President Hu Jintaoa€™s pledge to build a harmonious society. Zoo officials had hoped that the warm Thai climate would spark the pandas' hormones and trigger their desire to mate. It has experimented with social insurance for people who do not work for major companies, including most of the 800 million classified as peasants, but has not introduced a national plan." As you know from recent articles about Coffee, Ms Yue and others in the League of Extraordinary Chinese Women that most of them, now worsening, are going to die for lack of personal resources. It has experimented with social insurance for people who do not work for major companies, including most of the 800 million classified as peasants, but has not introduced a national plan." As you know from recent articles about Coffee, Ms Yue and others in the League of Extraordinary Chinese Women that most of them, now worsening, are going to die for lack of personal resources.

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