Earlier today a report surfaced claiming that SHINee’s Jonghyun and actress Lee Yoo Bi had recently begun dating.
On the morning of January 29, SM Entertainment commented to Xports News, “The dating rumors are not true. SM Entertainment’s clarification refutes the Sports Seoul report that claimed the singer and the actress had recently begun dating. Whether you are a straight or a bi willing to date, you need to be confident in the first place.
You must always trust the partner you date, jealously isn’t your cup of tea if you are in a relationship.
However, the singer’s agency, SM Entertainment, made their official response to the dating rumors.

The official report by the entertainment agency will help put the fans at ease regarding the dating rumors. For a stable relationship, you must build a secure base which is possible only when there is unconditional love and trust.
Rather than pestering your partner about what is bothering you, it’s better if you work on that bit yourself. I’m a nerdy sixteen year old from New Brunswick, Canada, just starting my senior year of high school. I’m tired of being single and being hurt I want long term someone to love and treat like a king . I am 22 and ready to find a life partner or even just a close friend or anything between that.

I love video games, drawing, roleplaying, acting and singing, and hope to be a exotic animal vet when I’m older.
I come off mean a lot people tell me lol but I’m very playful and goofy and talkative once you get to know me.
Not really in a place for a relationship, unless by some miracle someone reading this lives near me and I really liked them.

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