Before I introduce the runners-up I’d like to say a special thank you to semi-finalist Lauren Roberts. As you know, I don’t look at the names of the writers until after I’ve chosen the finalists. Proof positive that a girl is never too young to develop a very bad attitude… and a very good sense of humor. I’ve never been on a blind date… but since I take everything really seriously, if I ever do go on a blind date I’ll definitely need a silver mask (and diamonds). Old Orchard Beach, Maine (my old stomping grounds) is not the place for a young girl to be introduced to this particular garment. I happened to know that nine-year-old Lauren had submitted a caption because her mom had mentioned it to me in an email. In fact, whenever anyone has ever offered to fix me up on a blind date, I've avoided it.

Her first romantic outing in months is a blind date-okay, the Hall of Fame of Awful Blind Dates-but things go from bad to worse when the date drops dead and Jo finds herself smack in the middle of a murder investigation.
Imagine my surprise when I learned today that Lauren had made it to the semi-finals; hers was the next to last caption to be eliminated from the final six!
Which is why, when a friend of mine told me that she had the perfect guy for me and wanted to fix me up on a blind date, I surprised myself when I said yes. With the help of her best friend, Danny, and faith in God, Jo attempts to solve one exciting mystery while facing another: why is love always so complicated?
I agreed to meet the three of them at a local restaurant, though I contemplated backing out several times. She told me that the guys were already sitting down at the bar having a drink while waiting for a table.
She again told me that my blind date was absolutely perfect for me and looking forward to meeting me.

I asked her why she was so convinced that he was perfect for me considering every guy that I date is always different from the previous one. She told me that he liked many of the same things that I did and that he was tall, dark and handsome.
I rolled my eyes and let her lead me over to the bar where my fate and my blind date were waiting for me.

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