The Liguori Catholic Bible Study series helps Catholics renew their interest in Scripture, prayer, and the Church community. Easy to use. Leaders have everything they need to comfortably and effectively lead the study.
Liguori Catholic Bible Study is designed not only to promote a deeper understanding of Scripture, but also the practice of Lectio Divina. July 9, 2013 by Maureen Spell 17 Comments One of the goals of our children’s church is to have all the kids know the books of the Bible, how to find them in the Bible and key verses in each book. Have an Old Testament hanger or twine to hang clothespins on, and a New Testament hanger or twine. Finally, do you honestly believe that songs specifically written to encourage children to memorize the order of the books of the Bible are the REASON THAT PEOPLE ARE FALLING AWAY FROM THE CHURCH?! Many people have fallen away from the church because those who claim the banner of Christ have utterly ignored His teachings on self-sacrificial love, humility, grace, mercy, and forgiveness…probably more than those who were turned off by Christian rap for children.
Cheers to Maureen for attempting to spread the gospel and give us tools to teach our children about the Word of God. I, for one, am thankful that God doesn’t expect us to relegate His Word to the depths of boredom and drudgery. I WAS CHECKING FOR MATERIAL TO USE FOR OUR CHILDREN CONFERENCE IN AUGUST AND I SAW YOUR MATERIAL , I WOULD LIKE TO ORDER A FEW ITEMS WHICH WILL VERY HELPFUL. Our study has utilized a chart as a way of keeping track of some of the background behind each book of the Bible, as a tool when we begin our study. As God is revealed and his attributes manifested, this chart tracks which of God’s attributes are most commonly on display in each book as well. Products are always high quality, items ship quickly, and it's really easy to order online. However, its content and message have yet to cross the threshold of many a believer’s heart.
Entre las versiones de las Sagradas Escrituras en nuestra lengua, la Biblia de Jerusalen tiene un solido prestigio por la calidad de su traduccion y por la profundidad de sus introducciones, notas y comentarios, de tal manera que es muy util para la formacion biblica tanto de seminaristas, como de religiosos y laicos. Since kids learn in so many different ways, we are trying to include activities that appeal to many different learning styles and abilities. Carisa from 1+1=1 has a free Books of the Bible lapbook to help young children learn their books.

My friend Jolanthe from Homeschool Creations has a free prayer printable on her blog today! I am looking for ideas for my Sunday children’s class and found the songs on this site to be must disrespectiful.
First, the point of these songs is not to teach the Bible in depth – they are to teach kids the books of the Bible, in order. Please excuse my all-caps question, but I am finding it difficult not to be incensed by your indignant, arrogant, and pretentious responses to these musicians’ sincere attempts to help children memorize the books of the Bible.
That way we can erase one book (or more) of the Bible and ask the kids to see what book is missing.
It will be fun to incorporate them into lessons with my own kids, because I learned strictly by saying them over and over again – not so exciting.
I was thinking about ordering the Picture Smart Bible curriculum (the K-3 edition) for my twin boys who are about to start K-4 homeschool. I love to share about educational activities, homeschool encouragement, nature studies and more. In addition, this chart contains helpful information about the main character of the Bible, God.
I’m sure that this chart is quite incomplete, and anyone who wants to add will strengthen it immensely, but it may provide an apt starting place for those unfamiliar with the grand sweep of the Bible and the background behind some of the more uncommon books within. In addition, many Catholics have studied the Bible but have yet to find a way to suitably pray with it and find hope in its message. Ahora ha querido dar un paso mas y es el de preparar una version latinoamericana, con un lenguaje mas adaptado a nuestra manera de hablar el Espanol.
How is a particular rhythm or musical arrangement “of the world,” and lacking in holiness? I am so thankful that Jesus came to the world not to condemn us, but that through Him we may be saved. I was brought to this looking for a creative way for my kids to learn THE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE. Perhaps another idea would be to put the books on beads and make a necklace or other jewelry.
Slugs & Bugs has a new one coming out, too, which is quite catchy after just a listen or two.

I certainly don’t believe in watering things down, but I don’t see it written anywhere that fun music is unholy, either! Although this chart has a place for some of the central figures, the central focus of the Bible is God’s nature, glory and character. There is no reverence for God these days because God is no longer Holy in the eyes of the world. I believe He smiles as He watches these little ones have fun as they learn about their God of joy. It’s easy to forget that, although the stories of David and Moses and Abraham are thrilling, God remains the main character of every book of the Bible. This series introduces readers to the themes, events, and personalities of the Bible and serves as a historical survey of the books of the Bible and how they came to be. We continually see children falling away from the church and the teaching they have grown up with and parents wonder why?? How should we encourage them to study His word, pour over His messages to us, marvel at His book…should we not do so in whatever form might engage or excite them? Then we will continue to use The Picture Smart Bible this school year to get an overview of the Bible.
Putting words to song helps us learn things – good things, which we have (Godly) desires to learn, but with which we may require some assistance. Would it be better for them to sit at a table and have their knuckles rapped with a ruler if they fail to list the books of the Bible in correct order? I would love to hear your version of teaching that reaches appropriate levels of reverence to God, since you seem to be on a higher plane when it comes to holiness sensitivity. Its organization, questions for review at the end of each section, and instructions for group prayer and Lectio Divina provide a wholistic Bible Study program that answers the Church’s call for a more thorough immersion into the mysteries of the faith.
What about if we set them to the melody of more modern worship songs played on Christian radio – would that be holy enough?

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