I'll put poached eggs on mixed grains, or on swiss chard, but I haven't put them all together. I'm trying to get our local healthy food cafe (Real Foods Cafe on Bainbridge Island) to add sauted greens as an option to their phenomenal breakfast dish of shredded beets and sweet potatoes that have been sauted and topped with bacon pieces and a fried egg. Thanks for the great recipes, I'm totally eating healthier and having more fun in the kitchen because of you.
I have long loved the breakfast of a poached egg on top of a bed of sauteed kale (with oil and balsamic vinegar), but never thought to add rice to it.
I have another yummy kale for breakfast recipe - eggs Florentine, but with kale instead of spinach.
To join this site, ensure you have logged in with your Wikidot Account and click the button below. The Black Canary is a name that was once known well decades ago and had been relatively forgotten about until recently when the identity was adopted once more. The Black Canary has already become a particularly feared figure among the criminal underworld of Gotham, the area she primarily operates in. Dinah Laurel Lance as she was born; almost had a normal life to call her own for the first few years, having the full attention of her Mother and Father when they were around. In the line of duty, Larry Lance was killed while investigating a strange group of murders linked to one of the most prolific serial killers that Gotham had ever seen; a tragic loss of a heroic officer.
It had been a typical night for Dinah and her mother; she had come after school to help her mother with the shop and the pair had closed up together just liked they had every night since she was a little girl.
For the first time in a decade, The Black Canary had been forced to fight and become the woman she once was; protecting the thing she loved most in the world, her daughter. The house fire and the deaths had not even made the front page, Dinah had been listed as missing and a quiet funeral was held for her mother that relatives she never even knew attended such as her brother-in law Quentin. It was luck or perhaps fate that Alex Wong a man once known as The Steel Panther would see her scrounging for scraps outside of his Dojo that he had retired to. Dinah was given the opportunity to live and train at the Dojo and in exchange, she was responsible for cleaning and maintenance; performing chores around the building at the constant insistence of Master Wong.
While the Dojo had been willed to her by Alex, her fate was not to remain there and after only a few years of running it, a new opportunity presented itself to her. It was over the course of the next few years that Dinah would be honed into a weapon as a member of the mysterious Black Operations team known solely as 'Team 7'. It was on her final mission with the Team that Dinah realized they were being used; their objective couldn't harm them let alone a fly.
Dinah would return to Gotham, remembering what the man had called her mother before killing her: 'The Black Canary', something her mother had kept hidden from her. The Black Canary is a confident no-nonsense crime fighter who gets right to the point with her enemies, although that doesn't stop her from having a little bit of fun while she's doing her job. Her confidence can often lead to impulsive and reckless behaviour as she tries to take on challenges that might be a little too big for just one woman; despite this she's not easily swayed from her path once it has been chosen and it's more sensible to help her rather than try and convince her otherwise. A skilled acrobat, Black Canary has trained most of her life to be incredibly agile and is able to perform exceptional feats of balance, agility and coordination that would seem impossible to average people; such as balancing on a tight-rope or running up the side of a wall for example. Dinah has a modest business sense and has experience helping to run both her mother's shop and her adopted father's Dojo; both of these which help her with her organizational skills and to a lesser extent leadership. Dinah was born with a metahuman gene that allows her to use a powerful sonic attack that is able to damage and stun foes or objects, to the point of being able to shatter metal or bone. Dinah Drake is a crack driver with most automobiles having practiced immeasurable hours in a vehicle both for fun and in the field.
Dinah is skilled in the art of stealth and subterfuge, a necessity in her line of work both as a masked vigilante and also as a former black operations operative.
Dinah spent most of her early life running Sherwood Florist side by side with her mother, learning how to do decorative floral arrangements ranging from simple to complex multi-tier bridal pieces.
Dinah Drake may well be one of the most skilled martial artists on the planet despite her age and has been trained in a variety of styles including boxing, Muay Thai, Capoeira, Krav Maga, Hapkido, Dragon Style Kung Fu as well as pressure point fighting.
While Dinah may prefer to use her martial arts skills in conjunction with her Canary Cry she has been trained with a variety of different weapons including traditional melee weapons and more esoteric weapons generally related to different Martial Arts. Dinah has trained constantly having an above-average level of physical conditioning than most ordinary people. Dinah has a natural gift for teaching others and was giving lessons at the Dojo she lived at to people much older than her for years. Dinah is a skilled strategist and is able to easily come up with plans of action, often in the field. Dinah is in touch with the beat of the street and her time as a street kid all those years ago have helped turn into some lucrative contacts in the present day.
Dinah is a capable leader who is able to effectively organize others and direct them in the field if need be in conjunction with her other skills and abilities. Dinah is incredibly confident which leads to her strong will and it is difficult to manipulate her without magical or mystical means. Dinah is rather accomplished in criminal investigations and finding out things that others don't want to be found out; some might say it's in her blood as much as the metagene that gives her the Canary Cry ability given her father was a detective. Dinah's costume is a homage to the original costume worn by The Black Canary but improved for functionality and combat in the modern era. Dinah has access to enough money to live comfortably should she choose to claim it, since she's been listed as missing rather than dead for many years.

As The Black Canary, Dinah has found out that she has some rather elderly allies she can call upon from time to time for help.
Dinah owns a custom motorcycle that once belonged to a Biker Gang leader she took down in Gotham, it had extensive custom work done to it including a reinforced frame, bulletproof tires and a supercharged engine. Dinah has a collection of weaponry that mostly gravitate towards martial arts type weaponry and knives, she also possesses a handful of firearms not that she has much use for them herself. The Black Canary is her secret identity, something that isn't hard to figure out when you think about it since she doesn't even wear a mask or any kind of disguise. Dinah is incredibly stubborn and once she has made up her mind on something, it's pretty much made without some serious persuasion to the contrary. Dinah has other family members she's never met, particularly on the Lance side of the family.
Dinah doesn't always have the best level of self-control and can be impulsive, brash and reckless when there might not be any reason to. The benefactors behind Team 7 are not happy to lose one of their assets and it's possible they are out their looking to bring Dinah back into the fold by force or in a body bag. March 26, 2015: Deathstroke comes looking for Dinah and Oracle and May approach a group of women to work together. March 8, 2015: Jericho, Zee, Jesana, Dinah, Shift, Rain, Misfit, Spearhead and May attack the Gotham Ironworks and get more than they bargained for.
February 14th, 2015: The unthinkable happens and Calendar Man escapes Arkham in a bloody crime spree that ends in the death of some very prominent members of the criminal underbelly of Gotham.
We eat kale and eggs for breakfast several days a week, but this combo with the rice and condiments was soooo delicious. I use a multigrain English muffin, kale with some apple cider vinegar, poaches eggs, and a little dollop of Dijon mustard (I haven't figured out Hollandaise sauce). I make a breakfast that's really similar to this, except I make savory oatmeal and usually use spinach or chard. Bi bim bap (seems to be spelled differently in places) is one of my favorites and is comfort food to me. Enter the password provided in the news files on game into the box on the next page and click the button there, too. Already, the new Black Canary has begun to exceed the old in many ways, especially with her signature Canary Cry; something the prior Canary lacked. As Dinah Drake, she is relatively unknown but it's possible others may have worked with her before in some capacity. Both of her parents had been heroes in their own right in the age prior to this one, protecting innocents from harm. It was the death of Larry when Dinah was only three years old that prompted her mother to give up the life of a hero forever, putting away her costume and dedicating her life to raising her daughter. In the commotion of the fight, a The Crimson Torch used the kitchen stove to create a massive fire that set the house ablaze, trapping the young Dinah behind a wall of fire that threatened to consume her.
Dinah screamed for the man to stay away from her mother even as she was trapped behind a burning door frame; her scream was anything but ordinary, a sonic shockwave tore the wreckage away from her. The first few weeks were the hardest for Dinah, she was scared and alone on the streets of Gotham; a tough place for anyone to survive on their own. Alex had known her mother, training and fighting side by side with her in the Justice Society for years and while he thought it impossible; he knew this to be the daughter of his friend, a girl that had been declared dead. It frustrated her at first, but as time went on she grew to love him as a father and saw the Dojo as her home, keeping the memories of what had happened on the day her mother died buried away deeply.
Dinah was approached by a representative from a group who wished to recruit her to be part of a special team, a team that would hunt down people like the one who had killed her mother. It was through their intense training and watchful eye that she was able to learn to control her signature 'canary cry', a sonic attack that she possesses through her possession of the metahuman gene.
When the kill order was given, she stopped the man beside her when he wouldn't relent and listen to reason.
In honor of her mother, she adopted her maiden name and Dinah Drake became the second Black Canary, the second generation in a proud tradition of heroes dedicated to protecting the innocent.
She still technically owns the Dojo that was willed to her as Alex Wong's ward but it has long since fallen into disrepair, in theory she is likely also owed money from the sale of Sherwood Florist as well which would have been her legacy.
She has an incredible level of control over her vocal cords, allowing her to mimic sounds and generate any sound she desires so long as she has heard it. She is in particularly exceptional with driving motorcycles and can make them do tricks that would make a moto-cross champion envious including using her bike as a weapon when need be. She is able to disguise herself with ease when the situation calls for it and she has exceptional talents with stealth; able to move silently and almost blend into the shadows in order to sneak up on her foes, it's all skill though. She has extensive knowledge about flowers and plants and even knowledge about different types of poisons and drugs that can be made from these sources. She's even shown skill and knowledge of Savate, Judo, Aikido, JuJutsu, Wing Chun and Tae Kwon Do making her an extremely formidable opponent even for physically stronger foes. She is also trained with firearms and is a capable shooter, although her using a gun is a rare occasion since her days as an operative.
While looks may be deceiving, Dinah is able to take hits and dish out hits that would ordinarily be attributed to far stronger and tougher individuals without thinking twice. She is able to move relatively quick in relation to most people and is even capable of dodging bullets on a regular basis, using a combination of speed and her environment to avoid getting hit.

She has a casual and personal method of teaching, allowing her students to generally pickup on her methods quickly and she generally finds herself better teaching individuals or small groups.
Much of this is innate leadership ability combined with the training she earned while working as an operative where she served as a senior officer on her team. She's able to blend in with the criminal underworld if need be or get information she needs from reliable sources. While she's perfectly fine being a loner or letting others take the lead, she's not afraid to step forward if she has to. She sticks to her morals and ethics and doesn't let others sway her from her path, although this strong will also leads to stubbornness which can often get her in trouble.
While she may not be the world's greatest detective, she is more than able to track down targets and put together clues in order to piece together the larger puzzle. The majority of the costume is composed of a very light bulletproof fabric that is capable of stopping most small arms fire provided it doesn't hit a vulnerable area.
She also owns the Dojo that her adopted father left for her and she uses it as a place to live and train if need be. While these old geezers who were friends of her mother and adoptive father aren't exactly in prime shape anymore, they can sometimes provide help in unexpected or comical ways.
It's a fine line that she walks and she has no desire to see anyone else threatened by her identity, something that makes her reluctant to get too close to anyone. This can cause problems with others at times or lead her into situations she shouldn't have gotten into in the first place.
Her father's younger brother Quentin never fully gave up on the case after her mother was killed and she was declared missing, Quentin also suspected that his sister-in law was the Black Canary.
She's often had problems knowing when enough is enough and more than one criminal has found themselves with a broken bone or two when the Black Canary forgot to hold herself back. This is likely to cause future problems for her and it's something she may have to look into being proactive about before it becomes a larger problem.
A number of individuals show up but it may have been too little too late (Emits by Batman and the Joker). I've been meaning to eat greens for breakfast more often, and I'm definitely going to make this! Her father Larry Lance was a Gotham City Police Department Detective who had met his mother over a decade before her birth when he was just a beat-cop; doing whatever he could to keep the streets clean from scumbags.
After the loss of her father, Dinah and her mother became almost inseparable with the pair working side by side at her mother's shop 'Sherwood Florist'; a dream of hers even before she had become the Black Canary and now she had the time to devote to it and one day pass it on to her daughter. Someone else was in the home, a man wearing a dark costume who called her mother The Black Canary; he had sworn revenge for the many defeats he had suffered at her hands years ago. She looked on in horror as her mother and her assailant fought, her home burning to the ground around her; she didn't understand why any of this was happening, she wouldn't for many more years.
The Crimson Torch was hit by the full force of the scream, his body impaled upon one of the same door frame that had only moments ago trapped Dinah.
Over the course of a year as one of the lost children of Gotham, she did what she could to survive, sleeping in alleys and shelters while scrounging in dumpsters for any scraps of food she could find. He took her in, never giving a hint to his identity or his friendship with his mother; it seemed to be for the best he thought.
Years later Alex Wong would pass far less tragically than her mother, old age claiming him in his sleep late one night. It was an opportunity she could not refuse, even if she had no idea she was simply a pawn in a game far larger than she would ever comprehend. Along with the other members of her team she would undergo missions around the world, quietly taking down targets that they believed to be the 'villains' or bad people; in reality they were being used to quietly eliminate people who were not bad at all.
She helped the target escape but was quickly forced to face down other members of her team who had been given orders to take her down. The Canary cry is able to reach 300 decibels, which is more than enough to make someone's ears bleed even if they are not the target of the attack.
On the other hand, her mother Dinah Laurel Lance (Nee Drake) was the well-known heroine; the Black Canary and a member in high standing of the Justice Society of America.
It was a legacy she felt far more comfortable leaving young Dinah than that of the life of danger that had followed Black Canary. His name was The Crimson Torch, a name as unforgettable as him, he was little more than a pyromaniac with a superiority complex but his devotion to revenge had consumed his life up until this point more than anything as he had rotted in jail for over ten years.
The rest of her escape and the battle on that day was a blur, but she had survived; unsure of the fate of any others.
The Canary Cry as it has been called is also able to allow Dinah to 'fly' over small distances that she might not be ordinarily able to cross. She listened to her mother and she ran, the brilliant flames of the fire consuming her former life turning it to ash.
As an added side-effect of her metagene, she is also able to claim immunity to sonic type attacks that would otherwise stun or harm her.

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