Lori Beth is one of the most memorable characters from All That, yet she left fairly early on due to how she felt about her age (21, at the end of her stint). Josh is still best known for being the only cast member on the original series of All That. Tamberelli was the unofficial poster child for Nickelodeon in the 90's, starring in some of their more memorable shows.Now, hea€™s recently voiced a character in Grand Theft Auto and is a member of the comedy group ManBoobs Comedy. Ross Hull ditched the glasses and acting after a few starring roles, in favor of a suit job a€“ and he looks great now! Raine was Betty Anne, one of three consistent characters on AYAOTD, but pretty much disappeared after 2006.
Since his days as Bobby on Cousin Skeeter, Ria€™chard seemed to be on the road to success with movies like Coach Carter and One on One. Did you recently see Think Like A Man Too and think a€?man, Meagan Good seems to be in everything lately.a€? Bet you totally forgot when she got her break as Nina, Bobbya€™s love interest, on Cousin Skeeter. For a second, you probably had no idea who this even was, but now youa€™re remembering how much you hated Libby Chester. Right after her role as Valerie, Sabrinaa€™s timid best friend, Sloane was cast as Big Red in Bring It On, basically one of the bitchiest cheerleading captain's of this generation. She might not have gotten her start on Nickelodeon (Punky Brewster, anyone?) But most of us probably knew Soleil as Roxie, the lovable, if not perpetually angry, college roommate on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.
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Copyright © 2014 Special Gift, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. She was Alex Mack, Dawn in The Baby-sittera€™s Club, and Bianca in 10 Things I Hate About You. She had a recurring role as Lydia on The Steve Harvey Show, and didna€™t pop back up on TV until 2012 in an episode of Workaholicis (as herself). He is the unofficial king of #TBT on Twitter and Instagram, pulling out the big stops with some classic All That images, as well as awesome reunion pictures. Everywhere you looked, these two were together: Good Burger, All That, and of course, they had their very own show, Kenan & Kel. To hit you right in the nostalgia, he recently reunited with his former Pete and Pete co-star, Michael Maronna, for a podcast, very aptly named The Adventures of Danny and Mike. Since his Kenan & Kel days, Kel has voiced a few cartoon characters and shown up on a handful of tween shows on Disney and Nick as different rappers.
Instead, he moved on to asking girls if their muffins are buttered (ew Jason, why are you such a skeeze?) in Mean Girls. But after his role as Paris Hiltona€™s boyfriend in House of Wax, his roles have switched from starring to guest. It seems pretty hard to forget that show when the main character was a puppet, living with real-life humans and no one ever mentioned it.
Nate has gone off of the acting grid to focus on his music career, where hea€™s released some solo indie records. After Sabrina ended, Green had a few guest roles on shows like Bones and ER, but is probably better known for her role as Nessarose in Wicked, on Broadway and on tour in LA, over the course of 2005-2007. Since then, shea€™s appeared on dozens of TV shows and movies as smaller roles, playing friends or girlfriends to main characters.

Since All That, hea€™s had a few smaller bit roles on Nickelodeon, the last being on Sam & Cat, but hea€™s never stopped acting. Now Thompson is just Kenan, no Kel, and is one of the longest standing members on the sketch-comedy show Saturday Night Live. Theya€™ll actually be doing a live podcast at the New York Comic Con in October, for any of you super fans. After a few anchoring gigs with CBC Toronto, he is now the meteorologist for Global Toronto.
He is one of the more recognizable characters from the show, only because he has played bit parts on TV and film over the years. Though hea€™s not out of the game yet, with three B-movies set to be released in the next year. For a while now, Meagan has been playing the friend to every leading lady, but her roles in the Think Like A Man series and Deception are giving her room to take the lead.
Now, you can follow her on Twitter for hilarious commuting stories and updates on what Broadway endeavors she is currently working on.
Recently, she played the part of Nancy Reagan in a hilarious episode of Drunk History, as well as appearing as Tina in an episode of the new show Playing House. Hea€™s also a daddy; which his longtime buddy, Josh Server, recently gave him a shout out for on Instagram.

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