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The benefits that DUE DILIGENCE provides are like a flu shot – the shot helps prevent the flu now so that you do not have to deal with the symptoms and problems later on.
How Does MARKET RESEARCH Play a Role in ? The market potential of a new product orthe Due Diligence Process?
Even though Page and Schmidt are CEO and Executive Chairman of Big G, but still we can’t forget that it was Amit Singhal, an IIT Roorkey Graduate, who re-wrote the whole algorithm of Google Search Engine in 2000 which made Google the best in the industry. The tool unique features of the new products have enoughwas used to measure the attractiveness, sales po- perceived ?value” to offset any brand equitytential demand, and if a new-to-the-market that may already be established by the currentcompany could realistically succeed versus the products used now.products of established players.
Bladeless (no Trocar) entry approach-- Cannula inserted via a Screw-Type Motion with a Blunt TipOff exercises were incorporated into Port At the end of the tip a Laser Pointer directs insertion into Visualization abdomenthe study. Then, Nikesh Arora of BHU-IT is the Chief Business Manager; Vic Goundotra is the man behind the whole Google Plus… and, many many more. Type of costs Amount (R) Direct Provident Fund 8515 Medical Care 0 Recruitment 59 Training 148 Indirect Sick Leave 285 Total 9007 Table 2. The Table below shows the Attributes and associated ? In addition, the method would provide the Brand Feature Options for the current and new devices. Manage.the company has not and will not likely incur a large of members who have been employed for relatively shortfinancial burden as a result of HIV infections amongst its periods of time by companies. The “shot” will provide you the added benefits of improving the chance of making the best “go or no go” decision.
The research may be conducted used effectively can provide valu-to evaluate, among other objectives: able objective insight into the po- tential viability of the new busi- ? The strengths and weakness of the target ness opportunity. Year Total in year incurred Present value 2000 20,172 177,814 2001 33,624 166,193 2002 53,088 142,602 2003 79,495 119,023 2004 113,103 100,965 2005 153,481 87,969 2006 199,519 77,898 2007 249,133 69,247 2008 299,815 61,338 2009 348,072 54,099 2010 390,977 47,566 2011 425,810 41,867 2012 450,959 36,927 2013 465,782 32,812 2014 470,788 28,998 2015 467,543 26,13422 individuals per year). Cannula Insufflation Abdominal Mode of Entry Brand Diameter Sizes Port into Abdominal Usage Type Valve Available Visualization Wall ? See the ?ADVANTAGES of Trade-Off Analy- Bladeless (no Automatically Has a Laser Trocar)-- Cannula Disposable sis” section on next 5 mm, 10 mm, Closes based on Pointer at End of inserted via a Device -- for Option #1 New Brand page to learn about and 15mm CO2 Pressure in Tip to Direct Screw-Type Single Use Abdomen Insertion Motion with a Only some advantages of he Blunt Tip method. Sizes Features independently influence 5 mm, 8 mm, and 12 mm sizes Available preference levels. A cost model which estimates the costs associated with replacing an AIDS affected employee over time is used.
The HIV sero-prevalence data is an anonymousemployees, 15 ‘black’ men and 9 ‘coloured’ women.

The cost of R9,007 per individual, it must be sustainability of the fund depends on long termremembered, is actually spread out over time. Greater success at assessing the current and future competitive viability and “health” of a new product entering a market 2. The costs are not significant to the company as they are able to transfer most of the cost of illness onto their employees. 75% list of employees with the following characteristics,of the employees were aged 35 years or older and had categorised as:been working for the company on a long term basis. The total contributions to the fund on the part of members.costs of all infections actually decrease in real terms. There are significant risks for the company however, to the existence and costs associated with insured employee benefits into the future. This The limited evidence from the study suggests,conclusion supports the anecdotal reports from managers however, that there is as yet no discernable threat to theand supervisors at other companies that they had not fund. In addition, either two or three The Attributes and Feature Options were used to con-Feature Options defined each Attribute. Job band - managerial, skilled, labourercompanies: employees are mainly women (the female to ii. See example on next page.only described the new products but also includedthe important features associated with the current The number of Attributes and Options used in thisproducts.
The bulk of the cost is incurred in the provident fund The findings for the case study company were: payment (R8,515) 4.
It is a slim base from which to assess the broader1) The cost to the company was R167,558 in 1999; in implications. Ages 20-34, 35-49, 50-64.the majority are middle-aged and have long periods ofservice for the company. Accordingly, the following assessment2006, it was R77,898; and in 2015, it will be R26,134. Thathidden costs that the study could not determine; for proportion will increase but as the projections alsoinstance, lower productivity of workers if sick yet present indicate, the rate will level off. Moreover, the clock was ticking as recently launched into the ? The new products will open up market but did not gain the the due diligence review period a big new market for them market traction that they was to begin in about two weeks. The company will entail an average cost of R9,007 for (projections up to 2015).each individual employee who becomes infected with 5. It is these costs that are possibly medium sized businesses in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natalsignificant.

The Bargaining Council for Contract Cleaningoptions for action by the company are essentially a Industry (BCCCI) in KwaZulu-Natal was created to main-summary of the key results which describe objectively the tain fair and equitable industrial relations and conditionssituation that the industry confronts. Other incur.conditions of employment fall within the industry-level The underlying issue here is the way costs of HIV infection areagreements.
Accordingly, theproductivity generally (for example, in time spent by question is whether the levelled percentage imposessupervisors to re-arrange teams and greater workloads more than simply a small yet notable burden on the fund,on staff present) in addition to potential increases in but also reduces the funds overall financial footing. A big reason for the lackluster sion as to whether or not they are used for launch was that awareness wish to be in the running versus very common levels for the products were other competing suitor compa- general, gy- not effectively established by nies to make a serious offer to necological, the Selling Company. It is made up of anplanning interventions in the company and industry are equal number of employer and employee (union)then discussed. Notably, for an individual, the virus can incubate for 3 - 5weeks paid annual leave in December.
They all belong to years before he or she begins to suffer HIV-related illnesses and, if unable to get adequate treatment, suffers increasing bouts of morethe BCCCI Provident Fund, administered by Negotiated severe and varied opportunistic illnesses and, ultimately, death 5-Benefits Consultants (NBC). Employees contribute 6% of 10 years after infection.their salary and the company contributes another 6% to Likewise, the cost to any organisation arising from an employeethe Fund. The majority of employees are appropriately.unskilled workers (cleaners) who earn relatively lowwages of R1,500 per month and have very limited healthand pension benefits. The rate of exchange in late 2006 The case study companywas US$1 = 7.5 South African Rands. The company does not have a medical aid scheme or Furthermore, as the assessment above shows, it must be notedemployer contribution to health insurance packages for that costs for an organisation do not inevitably increase over time.any of its cleaning and carer staff, but the management Any assessment of cost impacts has to take into account both the dynamics of epidemics generally (that is, infection rates eventuallyreported that a few (non cleaning) employees pay for taper off) and the development of responses (that is, gradualmedical aid coverage.
Sick leave benefits include two- expansion of prevention and anti-retroviral and other treatmentdays salary for temporary absence due to illness as long programmes in South Africa over the next few years).as the employee has a doctor’s certificate. Although, there had been an impact on costs, theseinsurance is available to employees at a cost of R5 per had been contained without a negative impact on profitability.
It was found that HIV programmes were management driven butapproval from the University of KwaZulu-Natal Medical there was limited involvement from unions.Ethics Committee.
The total number of people that participated byproviding usable specimens was 147 or 30% of the total RESULTSworkforce. Two men out of 12 Information on the recruitment and employment practices(16%) and 43 out of 135 (32%) of women were infected.

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