If you are talking about a Works Cited entry, the point of a citation is to give credit to the author, so the only reason to include your name by the book is if you wrote the book!
In the footnote or endnote itself, use the same number, but do not raise or superscript it. The notes themselves are single-spaced, and the first line of each note is indented five spaces from the left margin.
Nothing can be reposted on this site (excluding the button features) without written permission from the author.

To acknowledge a source in your paper, place a superscript number (raised slightly above the line) immediately after the end punctuation of a sentence containing the quotation, paraphrase, or summary.
Notes come at the bottom of each page, separated from the text with a typed line, 1½ inches long.
If a single paragraph of your paper contains several references from the same author, it is permissible to use one number after the last quotation, paraphrase, or summary to indicate the source for all of the material used in that paragraph. Some instructors will allow you to place notes, instead, as endnotes on a separate page (titled Notes) at the end of your paper, after any appendices.

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