Enduring winter is sort like riding a bucking broncoa€”there are a lot of ups, a lot of downs, and the occasional catastrophic spillage, but mostly you try to stay on the horse because falling just isn't fun. Comfort and style have joined together in the Naturalizer Jersey Wide Calf riding boot with an approx. Simply flawless details make the Naturalizer Women's Jamison Wide Calf riding boot the right boot for any time of day or night.

So do your due diligence, grab the reins and take hold of winter with the Pajar Canada Women's Grip Boot. The shearling liner, waterproof upper, and just-below-the-knee height make these boots both stylish and pragmatic. Additionally, the Grip Boot is crafted to resist cold down to -30F, so you stay warm no matter what comes your way, including a crazy pony, you just might want to get out of the way if it's coming straight towards you.

Order the Women's Naturalizer Wide Calf Jamison in black leather here since the banana bread color cannot be ordered from this page.

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