I opted for the external data, photogenic, not including awards and achievements of girls in sport.18.
Anna Rawson (born August 5, 1981, Adelaide, Australia) - Australian female golfer and model. Blair O'Neal (born May 14, 1981, Macomb, Illinois, USA) - American female golfer and model.15.
Allison Stokke  (born March 22, 1989,California, USA) - American female track and field athlete, serving in the pole vault. Heather Mitts (born June 9, 1978, Cincinnati, USA) - American soccer player, a defender of the U.S. Paul, Minnesota, USA) - Famous American alpine ski racer, 2010 Olympic champion in downhill, the owner of four World Cups overall (2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012) and two-time world champion .
Has the third highest number of wins at the World Cup in the history of women's alpine skiing.12. Beatriz and Branca Feres (born February 22, 1988, Brazil) - Brazilian synchronized swimmers, models and actresses.

Twin sister did not reach the heights of sporting enviable, yet most notorious achievement Brazilians - second place in the "Sexiest female athletes of the world" according to the magazine The Popcrunch, and most often appeared on the covers of various men's magazines.11. At 22, was one of the best surfer, often participates in the world championships of surfing.
Alexandra (Sasha) Cohen (born October 26, 1984, Westwood, California) - American figure skater. Silver medalist at the Winter Olympics in 2006, a three-time winner of the World Championships, the winner of the final Grand Prix of the season 2002-2003, and U.S.
Leryn Franco (born 1 March 1982, Asuncion) - Paraguayan female athlete (javelin throw) and model, two-time medalist South American Championship in Athletics (2007 and 2011). She was the first runner-up at "Miss Turkey 2002" and represented Turkey at Miss Universe 2002. Has won numerous awards in national and international competitions in windsurfing, seven times champion of Turkey. Magdalena Neuner (born February 9, 1987, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany) - German female biathlete, two-time Olympic champion and the world's only twelve-time world champion in biathlon, a three-time winner of the World Cup, the winner of seven Small World Cups.

Fatima De Melo (born July 4, 1978, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Portuguese descent) - a former Dutch field hockey player.
Ana Ivanovich (born November 6, 1987, Belgrade, Yugoslavia) - Serbian professional tennis player.
The winner of one Grand Slam, finalist two Grand Slam singles titles, the winner of 11 WTA Tour singles titles, one finalist in the Junior Grand Slam in singles, one of the most beautiful Serbian women.2. Tanith Belbin (born July 11, 1984, Kingston, Ontario, Canada) - Canadian and American ice dancer, skating with Benjamin Agosto.On the international scene, she performed for the United States. With Benjamin Agosto Tanith won the silver medal  Winter Olympics in Turin, won the Junior World Championship, World Championship silver medalist, became a two-time bronze medalist and three-time winner of the world championship on four continents.

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