With men fighting in the war, the female role changed and women were directed into war work. As women got used to wearing trousers at work, slacks and pioneer pants became popular as well as the military inspired trench coat. Tea dresses were also a popular clothing choice, which we regularly associate with the 40s.
Wearing patriotic colours of red, white and blue became popular in both Britain and America, with names such as air-force blue, army tan, flag red and cadet blue making the wearer feel they were helping the war effort. My client loves the image you have used can you tell me from where you sourced it, we would like to use it?

Materials like silk and wool were needed for the war effort, and many clothes in the 1940s were made from manmade fabrics such as rayon and synthetic jersey. Fashion took on a conservative and military style as women wore utilitarian clothes with stiff tailoring and uniformity. To dress up eveningwear, women made use of sequins and beads, which were not rationed by the war and covered up with the Bolero jacket. Red was often used to dress up the drab blues, browns, greens and black that became the uniform of the decade. By 1941, clothing rationing came in and the government utility scheme forbade the use of trimmings and certain materials as fashion become subject to government decree.

Female curves were hidden once again, as the nipped in waist and narrow skirts produced a slim shape. They made use of prints and patterns and gave women colour and originality during a period of drab wartime clothing.

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