Look to RCP for effective and efficient marketing, advertising, and public relations efforts. Personalization is key with any medium, and custom publication seem to have the lock on that. Courtney Saba is a contributing writer to Digital Output magazine, DPS magazine, and Software Magazine. Sarah White is an accomplished graphic designer who possesses a unique balance of creativity and expertise, coupled with a strong and diverse background in print and Web design.
Carol Hess is a National Account Executive at RCP for DO and DPS magazines and a Global Account Executive for Software Magazine. Nicole Pizzi-Cerundolo is a national account executive at RCP for Digital Output and DPS magazine. He has deep industry expertise in semiconductors and other high-tech manufacturing sectors. Sherry has over 30 years of experience as a chief financial officer and financial consultant.
Institute of CPAs (AICPA), Financial Executives Net-working Group (FENG), and the Long Beach Yacht Club. Our monthly newsletter delivers first notice of new white papers and articles plus remarks on performance challenges and solutions. Whether you are making business plans and decisions for next month or the next five years, another business perspective is often what you need.

Start or keep your business on the right track by ensuring that your accounting records are accurate. Before launching RCP in 1998, he was the VP of finance, operations and group publisher for Cadmus Custom Publishing in Boston, MA. She offers a unique background of writing communications, graphic design, and prepress and print operations. Currently she is the editor of Digital Output magazine and writes for Digital Output, DPS, and Software Magazine on a regular basis. Sarah brings over a decade of experience helping employers and clients develop their brand identities. In 1978 he joined LSWG as a supervisor and rose through the ranks to become managing principal.
In addition, RCP regularly delivers its own successful vertical-based technology trade publications. Prior to publishing, Thomas held senior management roles as CFO in two New England based firms. Cassandra graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from Salem State University. She graduated from Providence College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in History.
A graduate of Montserrat College of Art, Sarah has a vast array of experience ranging from print to web.

Her background in sales and account management include positions in a number of industries, primarily software and publishing. She worked at Reed Business Information on many of the trade publications and Jazd Markets, which hosts online B2B directories.
He left LSWG in 2000 to join Randall Family, LLC (owner of The Frederick News-Post daily newspaper and FNP Printing & Publishing commercial printing). He holds a BS in Business Administration from Salem State University in Salem, MA and a MBA degree from Suffolk University in Boston, MA. She contributes regularly to DPS magazine and Software Magazine as well as aiding in the editorial and production on all of RCP publications. Nicole graduated from Suffolk University with a bachelors degree in Communications and Journalism and a focus on advertising.
Ted was CFO and COO during a tumultuous time in the newspaper industry, overseeing acquisition, development, and construction of a $60 million office and printing facility and managing the company through the Great Recession. He returned to LSWG in early 2016 and now heads up the Business Valuation and Accounting Services practices. The company publishes market-leading magazines including Business TechEdge magazine, Digital Output magazine, DPS magazine, and Software Magazine.

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