Have you ever wanted quick and easy access to your online Xbox Live friends, right from your home or lock screen? This extension for the DashClock widget puts your friends list front and center, letting you know who’s currently live and ready to play your favorite game.
You have to have your Xbox Live friends list set to public, or the app will not be able to access your friends’ current status.

If no one is online, or if the connection to the Xbox Live friends list is bad, the extension will not show up on DashClock. This is normal, and you will see it again the next time it updates and you have friends online. LOVOO works like this:? Check the radar to see who is nearby? Play Match and find people to fall in love with? Find new people and photos? Chat with singles and get to know themThanks to the connection to HealthKit and the Health app, you can send your heartbeat on the Apple Watch directly via message.

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