Los Angeles Superior Court Index of Defendants in Criminal Cases - Provided by LA Court Online you can get a list of case numbers and filing dates on the person you do a search for. Sex Offender Search - Search by name, zip code, county, city, address, parks & schools. There is a public access fee to reimburse the courts for providing electronic records to the public. County Deadbeat Parents List - View mugshots and pictures of non-custodial parents who have been convicted of not supporting their children and have a warrant out for their arrest. County - View mugshots, pictures, case numbers, crime details, warrant number and more information related to murders. In order to collect this big fine, the Los Angeles Superior Court will then refer your ticket to the GC Services Collection Agency. If you contact the Los Angeles Superior Court to try and take care of or pay your ticket, you will be told your ticket has been referred to GC Services and the Los Angeles Superior Court now has nothing to do with your ticket.One option you have if you are in this situation in order to clear up your ticket and suspended license is to pay off GC Services online or in person at the courthouse marked on the bottom of your ticket.
If you have already seen a Judge about your ticket please read our explanation of FTP)Risk #1 – If you have not seen a Judge and you pay off your ticket to GC Services, you are paying GC Services a lot of money and basically pleading guilty to all the charges that the officer wrote down on your ticket.

All of these charges on your ticket will then go on your DMV driver’s license record. So if you got a speeding ticket and you pay off this ticket to GC Services you are putting a speeding ticket on your DMV record as well as a point and your insurance rates will most likely go up. You will be adding a DMV point to your license record and if you get 4 points in a 12 month period you will be deemed a Negligent Operator by the DMV and they will attempt to suspend your license for 6 months.Risk #2 – If you pay GC Services in order to clear up your suspended license, it is uncertain when your license will be cleared up by them.
When you pay GC services, they typically clear up your license hold in a couple of days, but we have spoken to people who did not get their license hold cleared up for a couple of weeks after they paid GC Services and others who paid GC Services and their license did not get cleared up at all.
If you decide to pay GC Services make sure you do get a guarantee that they will clear up your license hold.Alternative to paying GC ServicesWe offer an alternative to paying GC Services that big fine.
If you have not seen a Judge regarding your ticket, we can remove your ticket from the control of GC Services so you do not have to pay GC Services anything.
Unlike GC Services, we can oftentimes clear up your license so you can drive again with a valid drivers license. In addition, we fight all the fines, charges, and any DMV points you are facing from your ticket.

The only way we know to get your license cleared up in this situation is to completely pay off GC Services whatever you owe them. You can set up a payment plan with GC Services but they will not clear up your license until the fine has been fully paid.A Matter set for Compliance means you have already seen a Judge and you must pay the fine to GC Services to clear up your license if it is suspended due to this Failure To Pay. When you don’t pay your fine by the due date or do your community service after seeing a Judge you are in a terrible situation especially if your license is suspended. That way you know your payment will be promptly processed and you will be given a receipt for your payment.You must pay your ticket at the courthouse that the officer marked at the bottom of your traffic ticket.

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