Find a chinese women marriage in a china dating agency with chinese girls for marriage use our china marriage agency. Jiangsu Satellite TV's dating show If You Are The One (Fei Cheng Wu Rao) landed in its latest destination Italy on Nov 11 with an increasing international audience.
According to Meng Fei, the show’s lead host, a total of 20 participants, including overseas Chinese and Italian nationals have been selected in the Mediterranean country to take part in the new series.
The dating show is played every Saturday and Sunday night on Jiangsu Satellite Television, in which a jury of 24 single women question one guy and press light buttons to decide whether he should remain on the show and the guy can also choose his favorite girl. According to its organizers, more than 80 million people have been intrigued by the outspoken remarks, from the income gap to whether a couple should live with parents matters more than love.

Since it was launched in 2010, If You Are The One has toured in several countries, including Australia, the United States, South Korea, France and Germany. Meng stated that the show aims at enhancing the most peculiar points from every culture the team get acquainted with. 1) Studies have shown that many Young Asian Women are extremely attracted to men over the age of 25. 2) Be Polite - Our women are extremely persuasive and eager to meet men like you, if it's too much, please reject them kindly. Some single women and men open to other countries when they like to come to another country to live.

Descriptions: Free download Orientation of China Mobile dating season poster design source files PSD.
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