By clicking on the button above, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Faith is an important factor – for some, the most crucial one – in relationship compatibility. How do Christians and other morally minded singles succeed at romance in an “anything goes” world? In the same way, choosing a marriage partner based on the appearance of spiritual parity in your twenties and thirties is a gamble.
Now over twenty years later, many of the people from that circle wouldn’t really consider themselves followers of Jesus any longer — or at least not in the same way they would have when they were younger.
All things considered, maybe whether someone identifies as Christian or not shouldn’t be the ultimate factor in who you marry. Missionary dating is when a Christian courts someone outside of their faith with the intention of eventually leading them to Jesus. Considering many biblical characters relationships’, it’s a wonder that we find it so easy to enforce a relational standard.

My point is simply that the Bible is more honest about the messiness of humanity and our relationships than Christians  often are.
Paul’s promise that “all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose (Rom. You’ll never run out of Christian young people to advise, and you can just keep cramming the same opinions into reconfigured content. In my early twenties, I was part of a circle of the most sincere believers you would ever want to meet.
I know it’s going to sound insanely heretical, but there are tons of people outside the church who are incredibly kind, respectful, and mature and would make a wonderful spouse for a Christian — and plenty of Christians you should be running far away from. The moral of the story is that it never works and the unbeliever eventually leads the Christian astray (probably into a questionable lifestyle that includes watching R-rated movies and voting democrat). The idealized view of what Christian relationships should look like can be a barrier to healthy coupling. 8:28)” is an assurance that God is at work writing his story and redeeming the world through your decisions — even the dumb ones.

32 years ago I married a man who was very equally yoked in everything except being a Christian. We prayed together constantly and studied our Bibles together on the regular, and most of us entered into equally-yoked marriages with other sincere believers. Many of the others still have perfectly happy marriages that have had to include learning to be respectful of their spouse’s contrary perspectives and worldviews.
But the reality is that we can’t always know everything about our potential partnerships.

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