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Only in his torture and death was Jesus’ body weaker, but all the other time and now He is Strong and incredibly powerful! We’ve all never meet Jesus before as human in the past but I believe we know him right now. 59 Jan B says: April 7th, 2012 at 12:07 pmI have been looking around for a couple of hours for good images of Jesus and I like your selection, very much! Many years ago, I met an old woman who said that she almost died and she went to heaven and saw Jesus. She said he was incredibly beautiful, and that his face and hair shone with a strange light.

She said his face was neither white nor dark but more like polished metal and that his hair was almost a firey bronze color. She said there was the smell of flowers everywhere and that he was sitting and when he spoke that his voice was beautiful, almost musical. In life, he was said to be an ordinary-looking man, no doubt an ordinary Jewish male of that time, and he lived a lowly life, having been a carpenter and living on the road, he no doubt had a roughness to him.
In Revelations, he is described as having almost a fierce and warlike look, returning as a conqueror and with his tongue appearing as a sword, and his face so bright you could hardly look upon it.
I made a jar file of this Bible and loaded in my C6-01(symb-belle) everything went fine but when loaded information displayed as boxes.
I love Jesus and I really appreciate all the pictures, now saving to wallpaper on my phone.

I am working and studying on how to become one of Your saints and I hope that You could guide and teach me how to become a real saint in Your kingdom. It’s in America right now and you may get one for free if you have any relative, friends or acquaintances in America.Thank you so much!

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