The winner of Ambassador International’s newest book, Welcome Home: A Practical Guide to House Churches, Small Groups, Home Fellowships or Whatever You Call Them is Sharon Fairclough!
Unlike anything you may have read before on the subject, Welcome Home is a uniquely practical and soundly theological guide to nearly every aspect of house churches and small groups.  Whether you are an elder of a large congregation with hundreds of small groups, a house church pastor, a church planter, or anyone at all interested in home fellowships, this book is sure to be an encouraging help to your ministry. The second winner will receive a copy of Our Lifeship: A Study in Proverbs for Women by Lynn Wallace. This time, CPT is joining dozens of other book bloggers in giveaways through the Bookroom Reviews Book Giveaway Carnival. It’s simple to say that you will spend time praying with your spouse every day, but are you being realistic?
Sure, it’s important to spend time talking together, but it’s even more important to spend good quality time together. As an avid traveler, Social Media Strategist by profession, writer by passion and led to church through faith in Jesus Christ - Dwan Perrin is a recently re-married mother of five that stays busy.
By clicking on the button above, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Faith is an important factor – for some, the most crucial one – in relationship compatibility. How do Christians and other morally minded singles succeed at romance in an “anything goes” world? DATING TIPS & RELATIONSHIP ADVICE through a open discussion forum with others that can relate because they may have been in similar situations. Here is a meetup you won't want to miss because it can provide you with some great TIPS for surviving those dating and relationship dilemmas! Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. Whether you are a Catholic, a mainline Protestant, or an emergent Christian with an interest in ancient-future worship, Lent is upon us.

Lent is traditionally known as the forty-days (not including Sundays) preceding Easter Sunday, the resurrection of our Lord, and the climactic feast day on the Christian calendar. In much the same way, Christians today are called to fast, to sacrificially donate money and time to those in need, and to make concerted efforts to grow in holiness, notably in increased prayer-times and learning through reading Scripture and Christian classics. Not all Christians abide by the same Christian calendar, and there are some who may resist the devotions that accompany a Lenten observance. First of all, use Lent as an opportunity to explore different musical worship styles than you are accustomed to. One of the great benefits of our current praise and worship scene is the rediscovery and new ways to implement the old hymns. Lastly, I think it would be a tragedy that, for those churches that choose to commemorate Lent, that the music director is not in sync with the Lenten vision. Our Captain, the Lord Jesus Christ, will enable us to guide our ship right as we stay in His Logbook, the Bible. It’s understandable if one of you has to miss church every now and again, but attending church together can really grow your faith and keep your marriage strong.  Plus it sets an example for your children and builds a strong family foundation centered around Christ. However, married Christian couples should forgive each other because it helps your marriage in the long run. The Scriptural basis of this season stems from Jesus’ own forty days of wandering in the desert, where He was tempted by the devil, and resisted three times. I would hope that, wherever you are in your Christian walk, that charity towards those who choose to participate in the Lenten observance would be respected and honored. It is a traditional practice to refrain from this common praise word until Easter Sunday–after which the Hallelujahs would break forth in abundance, over celebration of our Risen Savior.
Sometimes I witness in liturgical churches a musical repertoire where the songs do not look any different from any other part of the church calendar. He has three comedy albums out, and is currently promoting his latest comedy video celebrating, (what else?), Lent.

Christian publisher Ambassador International has agreed to extend a HUGE discount to CPT readers! One winner will be among the first to receive a copy of the new release Welcome Home by Steve Lorch. I work two part time jobs, along with keeping up on the house and taking care of our one year old. I suggest that the music team ought to make a concerted effort to re-earth songs that sing of personal dedication, of carrying one’s cross, of desiring holiness. This is a great book for anyone who is currently leading or interested in leading a small group. Whether you may be going through some hard times now, or you simply want to build a strong foundation – these tips are sure to help. Which path will you choose?  Take some time to reflect by reading your bible.  There are many scriptures centered around forgiveness and marriage.
In the section, “Challenges Today’s Women Face,” the author interviewed several women over the phone to obtain ideas. However, I agree completely that praying together is an important part of Christian marriage, and our marriage is definitely stronger and happier when we do pray together! In our consumer-driven culture, it is not easy to make time to practice fasting on a regular basis; Lent affords me the freedom to practice these Christian practices.

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