Depending on how often and how interactive you are with the game, these stategies will not suit everyone.
If anyone has other opinions or insight please feel free to post them or if you have corrections or additions to any of this, please feel free to speak out.
It seems that the 10 & 12 hour jobs are the most profitable and most convenient for those who check in at least 2 times daily. My Monster Truck job is better than the DVD Install in both exp and money, its 8hrs and done 3 times a day it makes 3075 coins a day and 354 exp a day compared to 2870 coins a day and 292 exp a day on the DVD Install. How easily plasti-dip entire car buy, How to fix and repair cloudy oxidized car headlights diy when your car sits in the sun your headlights become pitted, oxidized and cloudy.

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