As you can see, there are many facets to planning a party that can involve using Excel as an organizational tool. Although not all facets of the party were covered, this is a basic outline, providing beginning basics to using Excel as your party planner platform. Party planning can be fun, especially if you can manage to stay within budget and organized throughout the entire process. Use the internet and search for all the possible locations you think you might want to hold your party.
Using another new page, within the same file, I like to put my guests’ information into five categories: Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, and RSVP. You can make the totaling of columns much more complex, and have equations for many more things.
Excel is a spreadsheet program into which you can input a variety of information and use to do a variety of tasks.

At the top of your page, make a category for name of location, phone numbers, and cost of location. Once all the names are input into a column, a handy way to keep track of guests is to have them alphabetized. My next step would be to call each location and see if it is available on the desired date.
This way, you not only have a plan of how much to spend, but you know exactly how much is being spent as well. You want to figure out how much is being deducted, totals left after each item is added, and the total after all items have been added.
In addition to mailing address and email address, be sure to include a phone number on your spread sheet. This ensures that, should you need to call them to get a RSVP then you have the number in a good, convenient place.

Keep in mind how much money you want to spend on decorations, it will play a role in your budget.
Then for item rows, have 2000-row A; then remaining balance, we’ll call it Beta -row B, Beta-row C, etc.
You could set up this column to total the number of X’s at the bottom, so that you are sure to have an accurate head count.

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