Whether you use Arborwear’s Ascender pants building, doing weekend DIY, camping, cutting down trees (this is the world they were designed for), crashing your mountain bike, or any number of other awesome cool stuff for guys activities these trousers are tricked. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Being a decorator-mom as I am, I had a hard time finding guys’ dorm bedding, storage and furniture for my son that would have any personality. If your guy friend happens to be a tech geek who loves Star Wars (and what self-respecting tech geek doesn't?), boy do we have a great gift idea for you.
Not all gifts have to be tangible; some of the best and most unique gifts are experiences specifically tailored to the man.
In our high-tech age, board games are making a surprising comeback, probably because few things are as fun or communal as crowding around a small table to play a friendly board game.
Assuming the man you're shopping for enjoys meat -- and most men certainly do -- you can make his year with one of the subscription packages from the Carnivore Club, which will mean he gets delicious cured meat delivered to his door at intervals of your choosing. With Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and HBO all competing with one another for the role of top dog in the streaming business, and YouTube more of an entertainment powerhouse than ever before, there has never been a better time to cut the cord. With the wet and cold months ahead of us, there's no better time to supply yourself for the coming battle with the elements. Believe it or not, sometimes the most eccentric gifts are the most appreciated -- and the most memorable.

Not only is everything damn cool in this list, but it’s all affordable and applicable to our everyday lives.
Talk Dock - just like an old school phone, but you can charge your phone, talk on the handset all while checking your facebook page! They breath well—which means they breath in winter weather while they breath out summer sweat. I mean, I had gathered XL twin sheets- no sweat, but as far as nice dorm comforters and coverlets, I had to dig deeper. Kickstarter fans seem to agree, as Exploding Kittens became the most-backed project in Kickstarter's history -- not too shabby for a simple board game!
Each shipment contains a selection of up to six cured meats from artisan butchers, and the service is available in Europe, Canada and the United States. Weighing around 20lbs, with integrated shift levers and near-infinite customizing options, this is as good a starter bike as you will find. From Uncommon Goods you can get it in BLACK & GREEN, for $36 but it come sin other colors too. Sitting on a roof peak or bending down 8,000 times to measure, pick something up or nail something down, they just go.
I guess, because guys are not as vocal as girls when it comes to their dorm rooms, they are being almost ignored by the retailers.

Something that you know we'll love, rather than something that we will pretend to love just to avoid hurting your feelings? With The Force Awakens arriving in theaters soon, the BB-8 is a great way to get your geek on.
Amazon's Fire TV not only gives you access to all of the aforementioned services, but it also allows you to play games through the device. And if he ever learns to make homemade soup, he'll be thankful for your friendship every time he gets a cold.
Prices range from $175 for the little biscuit board to $695 for the real retro longboard surf style boards. They’re light and enable you to climb through joists, bushwhack, or monkey through the branches of a white pine.

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