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Mitiz technologies is a professional E-commerce Website Design and Development Company India based in Odisha, India.
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How much it costs to build a custom website or web application (particularly WordPress sites) is among the most asked questions that a website consultant can’t readily answer. If you’re someone tasked with getting a quote for your company’s website or one who simply wants to have a custom made personal website, you will need to look at various factors to get great insights on whether your budget can cover the cost of the website. The number of unique views for a website also provides an excellent basis for estimating design time.
Although you can add scores of posts and pages with WordPress, the number of pages still impacts the complexity of the work. If the job requirement is small enough for one person to handle, choosing a freelancer appears to be the ideal option.
Web-design agencies, on the other hand, are ideal for big projects that require multiple people working simultaneously for its completion. The good news is that website costs today (in 2015) are much more reasonable than they were 15 years ago and for very good reason too. Pros: If you find students or newly graduated web designers with a great portfolio, strong testimonials, good business acumen and ethics, hire them.
Cons: The amount of projects and project size they take on are limited because of the size of their team. We are a social media marketing and web design company based in montreal and ready to collaborate with you on your online project. Web Hosting cost is affected by how much traffic your website gets and any special features that your site may need. We expertise in best-in-class website design, website development, eCommerce solutions, online marketing . In the world of web design, it’s nearly impossible to find an accurate formula for providing a website quote. Even supposing your site requires additional important features and customizations, there is already a solid template to build a complete website from. For instance, it’s going to demand a certain amount of strategic thinking time to structure hierarchical pages, multi-author blogs, tag handling, etc..
Agencies are generally more expensive because they handle more overhead expenses and project management costs.

Working with a freelancer gives you the advantage of dealing with only one person who knows everything about the project and who can start right away. As there is only one person working on your website, once he becomes sick or otherwise unavailable, your schedule will most likely be affected. There’s a dedicated project manager who oversees the project and touches base with you on a regular basis. It all boils down to 3 things: a) specifications of the website, b) experience and reputation of the individual or organization tasked to build the website, c) things that have nothing to do with the website but affects pricing like overhead costs, market and location. The price usually reflects their experience, their limited portfolio and their desire to corner a market and increasing their presence by offering competitive prices. They also don’t realize how much a project should cost and undercharge in order to get your business. The owner is generally no longer one of the creators and there are multiple graphic designers and programmers who work on the site. They generally outsource their projects to web design teams or firms (depending on the size of the client and project).
We specialize in website design, custom wordpress development, and social media management.
Custom Web Design, Social Media Marketing Services, Web Development, Responsive, Smartphone and Tablet Friendly.
More than 5000 employees support BF Inc outsourcing business, delivering a seamless customer service experience to our client.
But here’s the catch: as your site gets bigger and more complex, it might necessitate modification of the template to add more functionality. A custom WordPress site can be a simple brochure site with a straightforward layout, a marketing website that requires more designs and attention to detail, big business websites that demands lots of custom made designs and advanced searching options or a large-scale site that can handle millions of pageviews.
The more content, say more than 30 pages, that needs to be migrated from an existing website into a custom made one, the more costly it’s going to be.
You don’t have to deal with formal communication channels and common business requirements like insurance and contractor agreements. A freelancer will also be limited to specific skills and may not be able to do everything you need. If you’re not on a rush to start, and you don’t mind dealing with established processes that you don’t control, an agency can provide you with excellent services.
Your first phone call leads you to a website cost that is twice as high as your budget for a website project. Custom CMS sites have been replaced by WordPress and as for e-commerce sites, you as the customer have your pick of off-the-self shopping carts that will exceed your expectations and needs.
Maybe they’ve been working on their personal site and they can help you launch your business.

PR Firms are great at pairing online and offline campaigns and knowing which web design company fits your project best.
This ultra cheap kinda hosting service is usually designed for simple company websites and blogs that do not require too much traffic. It can vary dramatically from under $1,000 to $100,000 usually depending on what type of website is needed and who gets the job done. Sometimes a seemingly small project turns out to be a complex one which can result in the actual time becoming double or triple the estimated time.
This is likely to eliminate whatever potential saving you’re hoping to get in choosing a pre-built theme.
However, it still depends on how complex the overall style is or how elaborate the work needs to be.
It will take even more time if the CMS is not in WordPress as this entails paying attention to additional software components like plugins and custom codes.
There are also horror stories about freelancers disappearing all of a sudden, and you’ll be left without your website, and even worse, your downpayment. Best of all, an agency has a reputation to protect and is less likely to abandon your project than a individual.
The same websites today are more efficient, responsive, customizable, and cost one-tenth the price. When you deal with a team of this size, you usually speak directly to the owner of the company who is also part of the development team.
They do the same work as web design firms and can be outsourced by pr firms and ad agencies.
If you are a medium sized business or corporation with a bigger budget for online marketing, this may be the team for you. Moreover, an estimate takes time and consultants will most likely bill their clients for the amount of time they spent estimating.
If after you ask yourself how important is the success of your project and you answer FAIRLY IMPORTANT, then the person you hire for the project should reflect that level of importance.
Ensure that they are organized, have a strong business acumen and that someone in the group has some background in marketing.

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