September 15, 2010 Earlier I shared pictures from the bridal shower I attended over the weekend. The game was half wine trivia, half wine tasting.I am not offering a printable because the game is personalized to the couple.
For the questions that required a taste, Lindsay sewed navy bags to go over the wine bottles. Unless otherwise specified, all images featured here are the sole property of Indulge Party Blog. Take your hostessing duties seriously by including these fun bridal shower games at the party.
Honoring the bride-to-be is at the center of the bridal shower but when the games are planned with care, all guests will have a genuinely enjoyable time.

Also known as Celebrity, HedBanz, and Heads Up, this guessing game involves securing an index card with an iconic name to your forehead and receiving hints until you guess who or what you are. Please do not use an image from this site without giving credit & linking back to the site.
Here, some of our favorite bridal shower games, from icebreakers to kick things off to post-meal festivities that will leave everyone wishing for more.
For a bridal twist, write the names of famous people, places, or things that have significance to the bride or groom on the backs of escort cards and tape or tie them to the guests’ foreheads as they arrive. This is the time of year when you might be hosting a bridal shower for a friend or a family member, or maybe you are in the wedding party of the guest of honor.
I hope you'll visit often for party inspiration, DIY ideas, my kitchen adventures, and the occasional peak into my life as a wife & mama.

All prices shown are MSRP for United States and exclude necessary duty and taxes for other countries.
When hosting a bridal shower, it is best to pick a simple theme and use that as your guide.

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