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The student will get their user accounts to the e-learning environment and discussion boards of the course. Creation of a strategy, electronic voting on the alternatives proposed by instructor and advanced students. Explanations on the requirements of the course, including legal issues (copyrights) and types of subjects that are not to be covered (images of violent nature, for example); the facilitator can make a short seminar on why to work in pairs and how to use each person's abilities to the maximum extent possible.
Options: Photo Challenge, an online common portfolio, a web-based contest, a virtual photo gallery, etc. Photo editing using graphic design tools, a workshop where the facilitator can monitor the way in which experienced learners can assist the novices and the other way around. Add images to the blog for the storytelling mini-project, comment on the other teams' stories.

Presentation of the virtual exhibition and revision of the picture selection by each group. The instructor will provide feedback (on content and procedural aspects) electronically, after evaluating also the success of the presentations. Start exploring the availability of publishing possibilities (free software) and the feasibility of finding software that would allow the exhibit of the portfolios of the students at the end of the course.
Understand how to find the right balance between presenting information, engaging  the audience and managing the time.  3. Make a list of software that can be used, outline electronically your progress and post a link to the common learning environment to allow critique.
Start selecting the best images and brand them according to the editing process, the topic, innovative transformation of the images and authorship.

Discuss ways to use handouts, Power Points, flip charts and other visual aids to enhance  presentations.  4. The advanced learner can propose assignments to the novice of another pair and further review the results. Comparing different technologies for photo editing, and platforms: using cameras, tablets and other mobile technologies, such as limiting the format to a telephone camera of max. How do people typically react when they’re fearful, nervous, unprepared?  (bad presentation  Powerful  styles) (5 min)  Presentations  2.

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