As the go-to marketing platform for business, however, means that you will have hundreds and thousands of rivals on Facebook.
Probably the most effective way to connect with your customers is to meet them face-to-face by creating Facebook events. Welcome to Small Business Sense!Feel free to browse around to check out our latest and greatest articles from the site. Engadget RSS Feed - Weekly Technology Technology TechnologyWhy do chatbots suck?1 hour ago TechnologyOne chip to rule them all?
Login into your personal Facebook account and click on the drop-down arrow in the upper-right hand corner. You will then be taken to a page where you can determine the type of page you would like to create. Company, Organization, or Institution: This type of business Facebook page is for businesses that don’t necessarily have a physical location that customers often visit. Brand or Product: This type of business Facebook page is for businesses that sell actual products or are considered a “brand” company. Artist, Band or Public Figure: This type of business Facebook page is for public figures like artists, bands, actors, dancers, politicians, businesspeople, etc. Entertainment: This type of business Facebook page is for all things entertainment (besides people).
For this example, we will be setting up a business Facebook page type of “Local Business or Place”.
Last of all, add your website and create a unique Facebook web address to make it easier for people to find your page.
Import from your website: this will scrape your website for all of the images on your site and allow you to choose the one of your liking. This is the section where you can tell Facebook who your audience is and where they are located.
Under interests, you can also choose sections that best describe what your audience may be interested in.
By adding your hours of operation, price range, and website you’re allowing more transparency into your business for potential or existing customers. This is where you can begin promoting your business Facebook page with some outreach to your Facebook friends. Once you click on that button, a box will pop up allowing you to invite your Facebook friends to like your business’ Facebook page.

Facebook reviews are arguably one of the most important pieces of your business Facebook page. Find the reviews within your business’ Facebook page, and be sure to direct your happy customers there with a prompt to leave a sterling review. As a continuously growing social network, Facebook has developed not only as a the choice platform for reaching out to and connecting with family and friends near and far but also as the go-to marketing tool for most business owners.
However, it can actually be beneficial for you to visit the pages of the biggest companies in your niche every now and then. Through your group, you can share insider tips, additional lessons, extra deals, or the like. However, you should focus more on what you will get in return—more followers and higher chances of getting targeted leads and sales.
However, to succeed and flourish with this platform, you must be observant, up-to-date, and always be willing to learn. Small Business Sense shares small business ideas, tips and resources for independent Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners. With nearly 1.4 billion monthly active users and 890 million daily active users, Facebook is a great way to connect with current and prospective customers. Note: if you are a larger organization with multiple locations, you’ll have to decide whether this type of business Facebook page or the previous type, is more appropriate for your online marketing strategy.
According to Facebook, this will help your business Facebook page show up in search results.
In our example, we have used the name of the business as the tail-end of the unique Facebook web address.
When you add this to your favorites, you will be able to quickly access your page from the left-hand side bar under the “Favorites” section.
For our example, a hair salon, Shopping and fashion > Beauty might be the best description of interests. In this case, optimization is all about making sure your page’s information is filled out in it’s entirety. You can find this by clicking on “Add a Category” just under your business’ name on the top of the page. To do this, simply go to our business Facebook page, and click on “Invite friends to like this Page” underneath the profile picture (presumably your business’ logo). With nearly 890 million daily active users, Facebook is an online review platform that your business should utilize.

Whether you run a mom and pop shop, a Fortune 500 company, or an internet-based at home business, a business Facebook page can instill credibility in your business and serve as a hub for current and potential customers to go for information about your business. It will be the perfect place for you to get closer to your clients and gather pertinent data for your business and product development plans. Of course, to get optimum results, you need to add an enticing image and persuasive copy with a call-to-action to your advertisement. Your videos can feature Qs&As (with questions coming from your fans), business updates, and promotions.
Start growing your business with the Facebook methods I shared with you today, learn more about Facebook marketing, and continue to expand your business with strategies that are proven to work. The key is to ensure you setup and optimize your Facebook page in a way that will create a credible online presence.
If you’d like to add photo’s of your workplace, products, services, team, etc., you can add them as your banner image once your page is set up. While Facebook reviews don’t commonly display within Google search results, they do provide quite a bit of visibility as users are typically very engaged with Facebook and its content. Because doing so will allow you to learn of their effective marketing strategies, interact with fellow users, and get more chances to promote your own Facebook page. Upload your videos on YouTube before shareing on Facebook, and you are sure to increase your views and business reach. For example, if you’re a hair salon (like the example above) one of your keywords might be “women’s cuts”. Last, you can use it to link to your website and other social media pages (do not forget to include those same links on your About section and occasionally on your posts, too). Here is an additional tip: when making a comment on a popular Facebook page, be sure to comment using your business name and not your personal name. This can be the owner of the company, or it can be an expert in the industry that works in the company. Friends of this Corey Whitney account end up getting faster responses than Friends of his personal FB account anyway. Keep in mind, this has to be a Personal FB Profile.Whomever the “Authority Figure” is, this works best if FB users that follow your company know who this person is.

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