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What You'll Be CreatingIn this tutorial I'll show you how you can sketch in Illustrator in a natural fluid style, almost as if you're drawing with pen and paper. To draw this sketch we'll be using plug-ins from Astute Graphics, which will help us to work naturally and make drawing more fun. If you've ever studied a book on drawing, you'll know that drawing begins with creating basic shapes. You can position the objects from now on with the help of the Smart Guides mode (View > Smart Guides (Control-U)) and Align panel (Window > Align (Shift-F7)). Using the Rectangle Tool (M) create a rectangle that is elongated in the vertical direction as shown in the image below.
Just as a side note, this process can be greatly streamlined by using the Dynamic Shapes Tool from the VectorScribe plug-in, as this enables you to change the object's parameters not only during the process, but also afterwards. After installing the DynamicSketch plug-in, the DynamicSketch icon will appear in the Tools panel.
For more information on this tool's settings, you can read from the Overview: Dynamic Sketch Preferences. As with the Paintbrush Tool (B), we're able to set the relationship between the variable stroke width and several parameters. If you're using a graphic tablet in your work, you'll need to set the relationship between the stroke width and the pressure of the stylus. At the bottom of the Dynamic Sketch panel, you can see a diagram of the dependence of the stroke width to the change in the selected parameter. I draw using a graphic tablet, so I've chosen Stylus Pressure and linear relationship in the panel. Secondly, you don't need to keep an eye on the hatching so that it's exactly within the outline of the object.
Finally, to create the wooden texture, I've drawn a few wavy lines resembling typical fibers. This process isn't significantly different from drawing the anchor, so I'm only showing the main stages here.
Draw the outline of the lighthouse with variable stroke paths using the DynamicSketch Tool. In this step, I used the Stylus Pressure option and the Gesture Trimming function to remove unwanted segments (to clean up the illustration).

WidthScribe is a unique plug-in which really enhances your vector work by varying multiple width strokes simultaneously with both ease and speed. A negative value of this parameter will mean we can reduce the width of paths in the impact area. Usually at the edges of an object the shadow becomes less dense due to reflections from the surrounding environment. We've been able to achieve our desired result in just ten seconds although more than one hundred paths were processed in that time!
In the Layers panel, locate and select the groups of paths to which you want to apply the width gradient.
Take the next tool of WidthScribe, the Width Selector Tool, and open its panel (Window > WidthScribe > Width Selector panel).
Continuing with a nautical theme we can use the Dynamic Sketch Tool or Pencil Tool (N) to create an arbitrary shape with a blue fill. Step 2Recolor the objects of the lighthouse in a dark blue color, then place it on the blue background, as shown below. Recolor all the objects of the anchor in white and place it at the forefront of your composition. It's impossible to cover all the features and tools of DynamicSketch and WidthScribe in just one tutorial.
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The plug-ins DynamicSketch and WidthScribe have various intuitive tools and features to simplify your work flow and offer functionality that is nowhere in Adobe Illustrator or any other vector editor. In the opened dialog box, set the parameters of the artboard and choose the color mode depending on how you want to use your created image.
Sticking to the boundaries of these shapes, beginner artists can easily keep the basic proportions and symmetry of an illustrated object. Select to the bottom tip of the triangle using the Direct Selection Tool (A), then move it up a little while holding Shift.
If you use a mouse for drawing, then you need to set the relationship between the stroke width and the cursor speed (Sketching speed). By default, this diagram shows a linear relationship, but you can edit it (add points, move, bend, etc.), to set up the tool to work how you want it to. The distance between the hatches and the thickness should correspond to the density of the shadow in this area.

As mentioned above, you can easily remove unwanted parts of the paths using the Gesture Trimming function.
For example, on the anchor's ring I've created arc-like strokes in order to convey the nature of the surface.
Create the basic shape of a lighthouse by using Adobe Illustrator's native tools and features. Here you can use the feature of drawing straight-line segments, included in the Shift modifier. The Width Gradient Tool doesn't change the color like a normal gradient does, but it changes the widths of paths.
However, I hope this example shows you how intuitive they are and how they can help you to enjoy being creative by streamlining your work flow.
So, if you want to promote your business, service or any product through the medium of Internet, a well designed website from us can boost your sales and increase you profits.
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If you're planning to print your artwork choose the CMYK color mode and if you only want to publish your artwork on the web then choose the RGB color mode.
You may have to extend the panel by opting for Expand Panel from the panel's fly-out menu. To do this, select the hatching, and then draw on it from top to bottom using the Width Brush Tool.
To see how it works, choose a linear gradient and set the starting and ending width of the paths.
More details along with instructional product movies (Dynamic Sketch, WidthScribe) will help you get the most from these extremely effective plug-ins!.
So, take the Ellipse Tool (L) and create two circles without a fill and with a stroke of any color and thickness. You can also set the minimum and maximum stroke width to correspond to the stylus pressure or cursor speed. You can interact with Crafter Profile through Java, through your Freemarker templates and through Javascript. Choose Adjust Width by Fixed Amount, set -1.5 px and also Pressure if you're using a graphics tablet.
A It's most likely given your use case that you'll create a simple Freemarker macro that a template designer can drop in to a page or a common fragment to easily track the user through high value pathways.

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