Note: Our Annual Calendar also works pretty well as a shift schedule, especially if you want to create a schedule for many months in advance.
Shade and merge cells to identify shifts, or use task codes to plan a rotating schedule for each work day.
Dr Edward de Bono introduced a simple, but powerful technique called the Six Thinking Hats[1]. The key factor in successfully using the Six Thinking Hats and applying them in a practical situation is to better understand the sequence that the hats are used. When considering a specific problem or topic it is best to start with the WHITE hat as this allows all the background information to be presented and documented.
Add your comments on whether you have found the Six Thinking Hats effective in your business and personal life. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0You can leave a response, or trackback. Pingback: Lateral Thinking, Vertical Thinking, Critical Thinking, Parallel Thinking And Six Thinking Hats.
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VisualisationWP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck and Luke Morton requires Flash Player 9 or better. This template was designed for small businesses and is particularly useful for fast food restaurants, small stores, or departments where employees change stations throughout a work day.

We recently created a new version of the annual calendar that works as an automatic work Rotation Schedule.
The technique outlines different thinking styles that are associated with a different coloured hat.
The following diagram shows a typical sequence when using the Six Thinking Hats and applying them in a practical setting or meeting.
Once the problem or topic is fully defined then the RED hat is used to ask participants how they feel about the problem or situation. I do not know the things that I would have done without the entire techniques shared by you directly on such problem. This parallel thinking approach forces each of the participants in a team meeting or focus group to adopt the particular thinking style represented by each coloured hat. It was before a real frightening matter for me, however , being able to view your specialized way you dealt with the issue forced me to leap over fulfillment.
By conceptualizing each type of hat, the person focuses on the style of thinking associated with each colour.
The general tendency for a proportion of people in a meeting, at this stage, is to present the negative aspects of the problem or situation, however in this process the next step is to use the YELLOW hat to capture the positive aspects of the problem or situation from all participants. I am thankful for this guidance and thus have high hopes you recognize what an amazing job you were doing educating other individuals with the aid of your websites. For example, when wearing the RED hat a person will state what he or she feels about a particular situation.

This step is then followed with the BLACK hat when everyone considers the negative aspects of the problem or situation. Wearing the YELLOW hat compels people to think about the positive aspects of a topic or situation, while the GREEN hat encourages people to adopt a creative thinking focus. The BLACK hat is then followed by the GREEN hat where everyone is encouraged to use creative thinking to overcome the negative issues but also develop new alternatives to solving the problems or resolving the situation.
Generally, most participants who were previously concerned about the problem or situation would now be feeling more positive after having gone through the process of using the different hats.
Finally, it is always appropriate to use the BLUE hat as this allows participants to evaluate whether the process has offered solutions or conclusions.
The BLUE hat also provides process control to ensure the right technique or approach was used by participants. If a solution or resolution was not identified then another approach or process would be suggested as more appropriate in solving the problem.

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