Puzzlemaker uses PNG image files which are only viewable in Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers version 4.0 or higher.
Enter the word or phrase that will be created by combining the letters from the words input in the box above. Question:I was searching the web with a few results, but none of them seems to fit the task. Answer: According to your description, you just need to create invoice and then delivery some note of invoice.

This software is cloud based, you do not need to download any application, simply open browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari Browser, Opera Browser, etc. When you need to create invoice, please input your company name, input your address and then add delivery note. After creating, this free online application will help you convert HTML based information to PDF and send it to your clients by clicking button Send Email. If you feel this template of creating invoice is good, you can use it directly as it is totally free.

If you need to further developing, please contact us then we will develop the SDK version for you.
The letters can be scrambled, giving the solver another challenge, or the letters can be numbered, making the puzzle a little easier to solve.

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