In this article we are concentrating on implementation of the WebDriver, we will see how to selenium webdriver download and configure the Selenium Webdriver with Eclipse & run your first selenium web driver script.
Before start working with the Learn Selenium WebDriver, we will need the first download Java Development Kit (JDK).
Make sure that you are downloading correct version of Eclipse based on the Windows 32 or 64 bit version. Once you select the windows version based on your requirement, you should be able to download a “” ZIP file. Selenium client driver is available in the different languages like Java, C#, Ruby, Python etc. In Step 2 we have installed Eclipse, just Launch the “eclipse.exe” file from the extracted Eclipse folder. Once you open the “eclipse.exe” file then it will ask you to select the workspace, here you can select the path where you want to save Eclipse project.
In this step by step JAVA tutorial, I am going to explain in details how to create a MVC (Model View Controller) based web application in JAVA using JSP as front end technology, Hibernate technology for persistence at Model Layer to store data to and fetch data from Oracle database, Servlets as Controllers and JAVA classes based business services for business logic implementation.

In Netbeans IDE, go to File Menu and choose New Project option.  In the Categories, choose Java Web and Web Application in the projects options. Click on Next button and now choose Hibernate from the list of frameworks.  Once you check Hibernate in the framework list, Hibernate Configuration options appear. For simple Account Management Scenario, we are going to have only one database table TBL_ACCOUNT which will store account related information.
Click Next and then choose Hibernate Configuration File, Reverse Engineering File and then click Finsih. Similarly, POJO class with the name has also been created based on the columns of database table. In this step, we will create a class with the name and will implement business logic for account query and account addition in it. As we are already done with implementation of our Business Service logic, controller logic based on our Model Layer POJOs, now Its time to create the front end of our application.
Search Form to submit a search request to the searchController servlet and to display search results in a table.

Add Form to enable user to add a new Account by submitting request to addAccountController servlet. You will see JARs files in extracted folder which would be imported in to Eclipse before running our first Selenium WebDriver script.
After that click Next button again.  Now application will connect to the database and will retrieve list of all available tables from the chosen schema. Let’s now create Controller Servlets which will receive the requests from the View (JSP pages) and then route the requests to the Business Service. This controller will receive the request for Account Addition and then It will route the request to AccountService by calling its addAccount method.
In this tutorial we will using Eclipse to write the code in Java & execute your first test script.

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