Create mobile website for free, chose best suitable mobile template, easy to edit and update, no technical skill required, easy mobile website builder. Paste the Redirect Code into the head code In the Page options there is a box labeled Head Code. Test If you have a smart phone or other mobile device, go to your website and test to see if it works. If you have problems, read the Trouble Shooting Section. Trouble Shooting Pay attention to your directory name.

Generally your full website will have more information and features than the mobile version. Giving visitors the option to transverse the two will win you points in many people's eyes. Create a Title block Near the top Click the Add button in the top-right corner of the screen. They will automatically be sent back to the mobile site (making it impossible for mobile users to view the full site), but the redirect code we've written has a special feature that looks for the words ?skipmobile=1 before it redirects you.

This means that when someone types in it will take them directly to the mobile website (instead of going to the main site first, and then forwarding them to the mobile version).
If you can spare the 45 bucks, this is the recommended way of pointing your domain name to your mobile site.

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