For your not-for-profit to setup a Facebook Page, you need an account to get started – but what it you don’t want to tie the Page to someone’s personal Facebook account? However, there are things you can’t do that you can if you administer the page from a personal Facebook Profile. Once you have logged into your new Facebook Business Account you have access to some basic security settings that are available to Facebook Profiles. If your not-for-profit already has a Page (maybe it was set up by a volunteer or staff member), you can add the newly created Facebook Business Account to the Page as an administrator.
Type the email address of the new Business Account in the box provided and click ‘Save.’ You will need to re-enter your password to approve the change.

Step 3: You may want to either delete the current administrators or change their ‘roles’ – limiting what they can do on your Facebook Page. You now have a Facebook Business Page and administrator access to your existing (or your newly created) Facebook Page. Be sure to check out our Facebook Timeline for Pages Super-Guide for more information on using your Facebook Page and our other Facebook articles. This is a single month blank calendar sheet that you can print and fill fill in to make your own blank calendar. You can think of them as stripped down Personal Profiles that don’t have a public presence.

If your not-for-profit already has a Facebook Page, you can create a ‘dummy’ page to create the Business Account, then add the Business Account as an admin to your Facebook Page and delete the ‘dummy’ page. Each of these options have slightly different ‘about’ sections that allow you to add different types of information. You will then be sent a verification email so make sure you use and email address that you have access to.

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