The Studio is the perfect place for photographers to shoot head shot photos for their clients. Los Angeles photographer Phyras Men chose The Studio – Phoenix photography rental studio to for some fashion shots he needed to create. Photographer Chuck Harding with Light Pulse Studios is a frequent renter and comes in for various photography and video projects. Dollyrockers came to The Studio to create team marketing photos for advertising and print media.

The Studio was happy to rent space for the photograph shoot and look forward to seeing everyone come back to shoot again.
Recording artist BJ Putnam need some new publicity photos and came into The Studio for his photo shoot. If it can be photographed, it probably can be photographed at The Studio, you first choice for photography studio rental. Prominent Phoenix speaker and trainer Ed Scannell showed up for a full-body portrait for a feature in T+D Magazine, published by the American Society of Training and Development.

The Studio shooting bays are the perfect size for any of your productions and shooting needs!

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