Please take a look through the examples provided and PLEASE let me know if you have any questions.
So you can buy keyword rich domain names and use them to redirect to a peerfly CPA offer, or is that against the rules? The Apache will give you the fastest redirect since it won’t pass the request along to PHP (less overhead, faster response).
Many CPA offers supports only one country, so to get ads approved is harder as reviewers are not able to see the page. You can promote our offers on your landing page, but I’d recommend emailing your landing page link to your affiliate manager for them to review. Yes, you could add a geo-redirection to it, but you’d need to learn some php or potentially JavaScript. Does it mean that we have to submit every product review page (website) to Peerfly for approval. Once I submitted my website to an AM upon request (not Peerfly), and after that my conversion dropped to almost zero. I understand your concern, but a lot of our clients require that each landing page get approved. About the custom tracking domain on PeerFly , needs to be a single domain , for each offer? You're about to put together an HTML signature, and want to know what you should and shouldn't do. Title and Company: Including it makes it easier for your recipient to find you in their email client.
Youtube and Vimeo: Unless your business ties in closely with video production, we recommend linking your Youtube or Vimeo accounts to your webpage or blog, so that your audience can find everything in a centralized location.

Corporate Image: This could be your company's logo, your picture, or a picture of one of your key artworks (for artists). When your promotion ends, do not delete the promos.png file from your server, or your customer will display an error. 100% display guaranteed!: Passing an image as an attachment is the only way to ensure that your recipients will get all of the images in your email signature.
Cost to your recipient: We often overlook this one, but if your client has a data plan that is not unlimited, then each one of your emails that has a signature attached is in a real way costing your recipient.
The right way to pass a logo or icons in an attachment is to host the image on a server, and call that image when the email is opened. Anything that is a phone number, email address, or online presence should be set with a link.
When it comes to Twitter, we leave it up to you to determine whether you want to display your handle. As you might have notice the new look of Wiki site has Page Rating and Category Search box on the right by default.
Enterprise Wiki Page – This is a Default Layout Type for any page Created in the Wiki site. Redirect Page – This Page Layout is used when a User wants to Create a Page for Redirecting Purposes.
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I have gotten hundreds of questions about iframing our offers since my post and I want to help you get things setup so that your campaign can be successful and you can start making money with PeerFly, today! If that’s not good enough because you need to perform some logic then a header redirect will be the next quickest.

One thing that concerns me about redirecting is what will happen when sponsors find out that they’re getting traffic from a blank redirect page on my domain.
If we get complaints about your traffic we may reach out to see what the issue is and ask you to remove the redirect (depending on how you set it up).
You may not have a very good quality score from Bing, but I believe you could get it approved.
Firstly, to Create a Wiki site Navigate to Site Settings (Settings wheel) -> Site Content. IT admins can also block certain file types from syncing, such as PST or MKV files protecting limited bandwidth with PowerShell controls.
If you know how to setup a basic landing page you should have no trouble going through my examples listed below on how to setup your own HTML redirect using the Meta Refresh Tag. One of the restrictions we have in place is that you must create a redirect on your own domain if you want to direct link.
If you want to be creative you could setup the page to show some text telling the user that they will be redirected in 10 seconds and include a countdown or something like that.
When banners are available for a particular offer, obviously, they are placed on your website unless you use Media Buying. Most of our clients want to see your landing page simply to make sure you are being compliant and not misleading.
It also should help your campaign because people are much more likely to trust a link with your domain than some random PeerFly link.

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