This step by step guide to show you how to create an FTP account in Windows Server 2008 R2. Open Start > Administrative Tools > Server Manager and go to Server Manager > Configuration > Local Users and Groups > Users. 2.b Make sure that the Certificates drop-down is set to "Not Selected" and that the Allow SSL option is selected. When a network infrastructure is expanded and scattered around the globe and multiple sites are created to manage them, replication plays an important role in the setup. 5.       On New Object – Site Link box specify the name of the link in Name text box and from the left bar below click on the name of the sites and click on Add button for each of them to configure replication link. In a complex network setup where there are multiple sites available for domain controllers located at different geographical locations it becomes essential for the administrators to enforce client computers to authenticate domain user accounts from the domain controller available at their respective locations. 1.       Make sure that you use Enterprise Admin account to logon to Windows server 2008 domain controller. 2.       Open Active Directory Sites and Services snap-in by going to Administrative Tools.

3.       On the opened snap-in right click on Subnets and from the available menu click on New Subnet.
4.       On New Object – Subnet box in Prefix text box provide the network address of the range assigned to that particular site. 5.       Once given, select the appropriate site name from the available list of sites and click on Ok button to create and link the subnet to the specific site. This new FTP service offers Web administrators and hosters an integrated management and configuration experience for FTP and Web sites through IIS Manager. Choose "Specified users" from the Allow access to drop-down and type the username just created.
With the help of replication all the domain controllers in every site are capable of exchanging information in order to provide consistent data worldwide.
In order to do so administrators need to create subnets which then allow the clients to locate and request for the authentication from the domain controllers within the local subnets.
You are also required to provide CIDR notation to specify the subnet mask of the given network address.

If there are multiple sites configured in the domain environment intersite replication takes place through DEFAULTIPSITELINK.
This configuration saves a decent amount of network bandwidth especially when two different sites are connected via slow WAN link. This replication configuration creates a kind of mesh topology and in some conditions may consume additional network bandwidth.
In order to utilize the bandwidth efficiently administrators can create intersite replication links which are used during these replications between the mentioned sites only.

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