Suppose we have a registration form where we want to allow multiple people to sign up, but the number could vary between entries. Now that we know the number of fields we should be displaying, let’s go to the Rule Builder and create field rules on our form.
For the ‘Name 2’ field, it should be shown if the registrant chooses the option for registering 2 people. Similarly, we only want to display the Name 3 field if the registrant chooses 3, 4 or 5 people.
It was time for her to expand and take her business to the next level — which is when she contacted us to create her website. She has a unique, warm and professional way of understanding her client’s needs, and going above and beyond to meet and exceed expectations.
I would highly recommend Audrey as a remarkable, talented web designer, and a wonderful, special person.

Audrey listened to my ideas and what I hoped to accomplish and translated that into a web site that is easy to navigate, fun to visit and a joy to update. Veterinarians can create standard, dynamically linkable, forms using the Custom Task Forms Creator tool. The complete series of task executions of the treatment is stored in the animal health history records and if setup as billable services in the price management module are available for monthly per diem and service invoicing. In this edition of Tips and Tricks, we’re going to look at how to display a varying number of fields in a registration form. For each of the name fields, we want to consider the conditions where the field should be shown. We know that they’ll always be registering at least one person, so we don’t need a rule for that field—we want it to always show. When our registrant chooses the number of guests, they’ll see the appropriate number of Name fields thanks to our fancy new rules.

Just remember the general concept—start with the field you want to show, and figure out the lowest number where you should show that field. She had prepared all the content for her website up front and had a very good idea of how the sitemap would look and how the different pages would link to each other. I was referred to Audrey and within two weeks we were up and running with a professional site. So let’s add a new drop-down field and find out how many guests our registrant will be bringing along. Make a condition based on that number, and continue making conditions for every number higher than that.

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