In this CINEMA 4D tutorial we will learn to create fast and flexible lip sync rigs for CINEMA 4D. Interra Credit Union, a full service $691 million financial institution with over 50,000 members, has served its community of Goshen, Indiana since 1932. Secure offline access on the iPad app permits directors to securely view their board packets when no internet connection is readily available.
The migration and flexibility of the software proved such an overwhelming success that Interra will soon implement OnBoard to run their executive team’s committee meetings. Images are usually created by using a digital camera, a scanner, or an art program of some sort.
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Digital Signage is a kind of Electronic Display that is installed in public places.  Digital Signage is an efficient and cost-effective method of marketing. Apart from being commercially driven devices, Digital Signage has other uses.  Many outdoor digital signage screens are multi-purpose and provide not only advertisements, but weather, news, local information. Digital Signage can be erected anywhere, both indoors and outdoors with the help of high quality and trusted display stands on the market.  Digital Signage to be effective should be placed in the most visible place and in locations where it can be seen by the maximum number of people. Content – This is the most important part of Digital Signage marketing – there are specialist companies that can create content for you, or you could choose from the various content creation software available in the market today.
Digital Signage Enclosure – It is important to ensure that the Digital Signage is protected and has the necessary cooling.
Digital signage displays generate sales for retailers and hospitality businesses in the area.
James Vasanth writes a blog on ArtDigitalTech, about Window graphics, booklet printing and connecting the dots between online and offline.

Featured Image by Michael Tutton (MichaelTutton) shared via Flickr under a Creative Commons license.
Interra began searching for a board management solution, one that would demonstrate gains in efficiencies all while saving money in the process. The process of generating monthly board books utilizing Google docs failed to meet Interra’s needs in the boardroom. The simplicity of the process has allowed even the self-declared technologically unsavvy to learn the system with haste, providing faster and more reliable access to the documents every board member needs. Busy directors are given the flexibility of when and where to review their board documents.
Further, ditching paper in favor of OnBoard’s digital solution has already demonstrated an annual cost savings of approximately $8,000. The power of OnBoard will soon be in the hands of dozens of executive committee members, utilizing the same features that boosted the efficiency and organization of the board of directors.
Documents are generally created from scratch by using a word processor or spreadsheet program, although some companies will give in to the urge to scan printed documents that aren’t already available in digital format. Photographs can be scanned into the computer using a scanner, imported using a Photo CD picture disk or online image processing service, or they can be taken using a digital camera and directly imported into the computer.
Messages and content are displayed on the digital signs with the aim of sending out targeted messages to specific locations at specific times. Today you see digital signage everywhere – offering us information, advertising or messages.  Projected images, Plasma displays, LCD, LED images are all around us.
This could be a small media player installed with the screen inside a digital signage enclosure. Teaming with Passageways, a provider of portal solutions for credit unions and financial institutions, they implemented OnBoard, a progressive and powerful solution for managing meetings.

Amy Sink, CEO of Interra Credit Union, began searching for a board portal that ran on iPads, one equipped with an easy and intuitive user experience. OnBoard provides for annotations to be made directly on the directors’ documents, allowing notes to be stored as they go using their iPads. Some of the important benefits of Digital signage as opposed to the static signs are that the content can be exchanged more easily, animations can be displayed and all this is done adapting to the content and audience.
Digital signage is being used world over and is very effective in sending out a message to a large number of people at one time. It is being used more and more in hotels, hospitals, building, restaurants, airports, outdoor locations and anywhere where people go.
Moreover, all the previous agenda items are stored on the app, making reference to previous meetings as simple as a few taps away. After demonstrating how to upload board packets directly to OnBoard the process quickly took off. Times Square New York City is the perfect example of the effectiveness of digital signage. These digital signage displays provide a centerpiece for the location in which it is erected. Indeed, migrating the board to OnBoard proved so simple that all the directors were easily navigating their meetings within a few short months. Once a digital signage screen is erected in a particular location, there are others who will be vying for space in that location for displaying their digital signage screens.

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