Another option is to use ExpressionBlend which enables you to easily customize the appearance of every control using the Visual Designer. That was all about how to create a simple custom application theme in Silverlight for Windows Phone 7.
My new colour scheme appears in the local resource list in Blend, and in both VS and Blend the design view preview is correct, but on the emulator and phone the new styles do not override the system theme. Richer content, access to many features that are disabled for guests like commenting on the forums. The concept of themes were introduced in SharePoint 2007, and they’re now given a different touch in SharePoint 2010.

In this tip, you will see how to quickly create a theme using PowerPoint 2010 and then import and apply it to SharePoint 2010 site(s).
Our basic theme is now ready (you can do other modifications but better to keep it simple for now). For importing the theme file into SharePoint 2010 browse to the site collection and go to Site Settings Page. You have an option to apply theme only to the current site or to the current site and all its sub sites, you can choose either option.
It is preferable to use Blend when creating themes in Windows Phone 7 because you can see the effect imediately in the designer.

Click on the Themes links present under Galleries section, this will open the Themes Gallery page.
On the Save As dialog enter My Custom Theme for the File Name and select Office theme (*.thmx) for Save as type.

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