Kicking things off this morning we have a keynote all about the battle taking place for your attention. In a world where multitasking is on the rise, content creators are vying for viewer’s attention more than ever before.
Our speakers this morning are Kesila Childers, Maura Curtin, Erika Faust, Ellen Stone and Ken Todd. Jeanine: Can we start by identifying one or two ways storytelling has evolved recently as we look at participatory TV? We had an interactive social study this summer with The Singles Project that we shot almost in real-time. Maura: We recently did a study that showed optimized data-driven posts include reach by 91 percent.
Ellen: When people get to experience what everyone else is experiencing, in their own chairs, that lifts the overall experience. Like many Mac users who produce presentations I fell in love with Keynote from day one (well almost; I have to admit to being a born cynic). Being able to create outlines away from the presentation tool allows you to focus on dialogue: a bit like writing a screen play. Once we appreciate that the indent level is the prompt for Keynote to create a new slide or bulleted list we can use this to markup our own documents for use as a presentation out line or to create our own presentation outline template. Type out some slide titles and bullet points each one on a single line like the example here. Format all the bullet point and sub-bullet point text into bulleted lists by selecting one of the list styles from the lists drop-down.
FYI You can make multiple selections by holding down the command key whilst selecting with the mouse. Select all the text and then follow the steps above to create a new Keynote presentation and paste the text into its outline. Having selected a Master in Keynote that has bullets, I find myself UNABLE to remove the indent level for other slides where I wish to have TEXT centered in the subtitles box…. With its dazzling transitions, dozens of professionally-designed themes, and wide selection of typefaces, Keynote--Apple's top-notch presentation software--lets anyone create elegant, attractive presentations with ease.
Content is being written specifically tailored to consumer behavior with a strong focus on social sharing and social interaction. While we have the opportunity to use social to get the initial tune in, we’re also using it to get a deeper engagement.

Now our company is looking at the stories we tell and how we can make them interactive when it’s appropriate.
But when we do surveys afterwards, its the people who were in their arm chairs who enjoyed it, even if they didn’t participate in the moment.
Advertisers are also very curious about getting in the mix of social TV for every day campaigns. If we want to bring a sponsor into a show, we can have them tweet on the subject of the actual episode that’s organic. Last year we featured a particular alarm clock and there was a lot of social sharing around that. We’re pushing some of our social into continuity efforts because its more effective than tweeting before the show starts. Even if your community is small, if you have a lot of engagement, it still has a lift effect. You have to be smarter about how you’re going to get your content into the hands of people who will move the needle for your business. It allows you to create sleek, highly polished presentations that have a filmic quality and the program’s interface is elegant and simple to use.
Many Mac users assume from the name that its a plan text editor when it is both a basic rich-text editor (RTF – rich text format) and a plan text editor but it creates rich text by default. Now, to help users deliver high-quality presentations even when they're short on time, is this smart, concise guide designed to take them from standing start to stellar finish with their first presentations. We present behind the scenes, director commentary, predictions for what will happen next, polls.
We’ve had beauty companies tweet about how the Real Housewives look beautiful on the show. Anyway, here’s how to create outlines for Keynote in Pages and, believe it or not, TextEdit. Some blog posts suggest you can use any of the outline templates but I’ve done some experiments and found that the only one that works reliable (tell you why later) is the Harvard one.
Open the outline view (View > Outline) and select the slide icon next to the number 1 which represents the first page of the presentation. The shear simplicity of the indent level being the key to this and my experience with Powerpoint which uses a similar technique and can import a range of document types as outlines got me thinking that we might be able to use other applications to create outlines.

I had seen someone do this with PowerPoint and Word but the Mac PPT application would always default the Word DOC to… Word.
Rather than cover every last option Keynote offers, author Tom Negrino steps readers through on a single, basic presentation, showing them the quickest, easiest, most effective way to communicate their ideas.
We launch things like transmedia – taking your storytelling across platforms in a meaningful way. Content needs to reflect EMPIRE – Engage, Monetization, Portable, Interactive, Rewarding and Emotive.
They’re looking at the social affinity – do people who tweet about my brand watch Bravo? Constantly update the research and the studies to makes sure you’re doing it in a way that adds to the experience, not detracts. I produced many high quality presentations with Powerpoint and as I was brought up to believe that its a poor tradesperson who blames his tools I’ll give fare dues to PPT. If you just want to see how this works for now don’t bother changing the text otherwise replace the text in the template with the text of your presentation. If you open the Text inspector and select the list tab you can see the indent level for each heading level as you select them. A few experiments later and it became obvious that it is possible to create outlines simply and quickly in TextEdit.
Each short lesson builds a component of a basic presentation, from creating slides, formatting charts and tables, incorporating sound and video, creating transitions, and adding a bit of polish to their debut presentations.
Friendly, step-by-step instructions and large, full-color screen shots make the information instantly accessible. They’re not as engaged, but the whole foodie community wants to see what everyone is saying.
One of the features I’ve missed, which was an integral part of my presentation creation workflow, is the ability to create a presentation outline in a word processor application and import it into Powerpoint.
You can select list items and hit tab to increase the indentation or shift+tab to decrease it and the indent level will follow suit.

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