At the moment, your theme only has one template file for displaying content—the index.php file. In this tutorial, I'll give an introduction to template files and how you can use them, and then I'll show you how to create the most common template file—page.php—which is used for displaying static pages. I'll follow that by showing you how to create a second page template file for displaying full-width pages with no sidebar. If you're working remotely, you'll need FTP access to your site plus an administrator account in your WordPress installation.
A WordPress theme can contain a variety of template files for displaying different content. This creates the basis of your file, with a call to the header, footer and sidebar include files in much the same way as in your index.php file. Note: You can also create a template file for pages without a sidebar, which won't have the sidebar include.
Your page template won't work without a loop to call the content of the page from the database.

Occasionally, you might want a page to span the full-width of the screen without a sidebar, or you may want to display your page content differently on different pages.
This tells WordPress the name of the page template so you can select it on the page editing screen. At the moment your new page template is identical to the default one, you will need to change this.
In the 'Page' editing screen, you will see a drop down box in the 'Page Attributes' metabox, called 'Template'. Page templates are a really useful feature of WordPress - they help you display the content of static pages exactly how you want to and by using custom page templates you can display the content of different page templates differently. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. If you don't want to use an e-commerce plugin, you could create your own post type and then use a plugin like Advanced Custom Fields to provide additional fields in a structured way to your theme. Browse other questions tagged javascript php wordpress wordpress-plugin wordpress-theming or ask your own question.

A powerful feature of WordPress is the ability to use template files for different kinds of content. Notice that I've also opened and closed the #content div in the same way as in the index.php file. By that I specifically mean how am I going to separate them when I'm posting and how am I going to get them and load them in their corresponding blocks (e.g. Within the file itself you include commented out text to tell WordPress about the custom page template.
All I know right now is, I should probably create a post template because I want to make product publishing easier and I will load posts list based on category.
Obviously I don't want to write extra html tags when I'm posting a new product, because that's not the point of CMS.

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