TweetScoop.itMaking slideshows that run automatically can help you present presentations without the need for a presentation remote. PowerPoint Slide Show Converter is a slideshow maker which allows converting PowerPoint presentations into self-running slideshows, with transitions and animations. You can add background music to your slideshows using the Special Mode and even convert ordinary PPTs to screensavers.
With the PowerPoint Slide Show Converter you can convert PowerPoint files into an auto-run EXE file and burn it to a disc or save it to a USB drive to run it as a slideshow from a portable device.
During testing we successfully created a self-running slideshow from a PowerPoint presentation, with background music. Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs. TweetScoop.itCreating Infographics is a concise yet highly informative way of conveying your message to your audience.
Step 3: From here, you can start creating your infographic using the Drawing function of PowerPoint.
Step 5: Once your infographic is complete, you can save it as PDF, using the minimum size, to publish it online.
Great tutorial but I have PP 2013 and I can do a lot more with it compared to older version you’re using in screenshot.

This is great tutorial I do believe that it will be more helpful for basic power point user.
You should now have your own ideas about what you should and shouldn't do when designing your slides.
In fact, sometimes such slideshows may even serve as a complimentary addition to a complete presentation; such as a picture slideshow which may be shown to the audience after a presentation concludes.
This app makes it possible to convert PowerPoint files into a self-running EXE file which when launched, displays the PowerPoint presentation as a slideshow. As shown in the image below, you can use the Special Mode to adjust the time duration after which slides are switched so that you can ensure that each slide is changed only when you are done explaining the content of that slide. This can also be quite useful if PowerPoint is not installed on the system from which you wish to present your presentation.
He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 8 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging. Through infographics, you can tell an otherwise lengthy process, story, history, and comparison in one page. To start with, you can create infographics using hundreds of readily available PowerPoint templates and infographic templates from our website. If you require Infographics PowerPoint templates I’d strongly recommend you this infographics PPT template as an alternative to this method or other tools like Piktochart.

This article is old dated and today there are plenty of tools available and infographics makers. This is a common mistake, you should cover the points on your slide and then add more information yourself. In the next section of this course 'Designing your visual aids', we will put these ideas into practice. As the names suggest, the Simple Mode is for creating basic slideshows, whereas the Special Mode can be used for making slideshows which retain PowerPoint animations. All you have to do is look for a template that best matches your theme, subject, topic or idea and you can easily work around that template. For more specific needs, you can read on and follow the instructions on how to create infographics using PowerPoint. Combining their shapes into a slide can help to create infographics without leaving PowerPoint editor.

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