Jan WebbOwnerI have spent most of my working life in sales, initially within the recruitment industry. Robert MacDonaldRobert joins Creating Sales having spent 5 years setting up and running his own telemarketing business. Robert also has over 15 years’ experience in business to business marketing and business development, working with major corporations such as GE Capital, Toshiba and Lucent Technologies (now Avaya).
He has a successful track record in telemarketing across a range of business to business propositions,   including solar energy, IT, insurance, business coaching and HR and marketing services.
Outside of work Robert is kept busy enjoying being a hands on dad to his four year old son and three year old twins. You can choose just one of these, or have a mix that will bring in a broader range of enquiries. Your appointments will be with prospects who have a genuine interest in your services and are decision makers with the authority to take the next steps.
Good quality, targeted information that gives you the freedom to continue with the sales cycle yourself. If you are planning a big seminar or conference, let us make the necessary calls to confirm the number of the attendees and ensure their data is accurate, so that you can plan effectively. I found Creating Sales to provide an excellent service when carrying out our Customer Satisfaction Survey and they provided a first class report at the end.
By using Creating Sales it saved us a lot of time trying to collate this information which I believe has led to the smooth running of the tap transition. We got great feedback on our last product update where we introduced call meetings for phone sales. Having a meeting on the phone and selling your product or service over the air is great – it can be much more time-efficient for you as well as your customer than a regular meeting. So: to make your process perfect, be always prepared and plan how you spend those precious minutes!
Meeting Assistant for Sales helps you supercharge your phone meetings and keep your sales team on track with Call Meeting Agendas. When there are many stages in the process, it is essential that the ball keeps rolling forward in each stage.
For example, imagine you are selling a cloud service and you are giving the customer a free trial period. With the latest version of Meeting Assistant for Sales, we are introducing new customization options that help you perfect your phone sales process. The Call Meeting customization feature allows you to preset specific meeting options according to your preference. For example, when working with a large team, you save time and cut down on errors by making decisions for them. The latest Meeting Assistant for Sales features are available today with version 2.7 for all new users and existing users.

Important: To benefit from the latest features, follow the installation instructions to configure the Start Call Meeting button to your Salesforce. If you want to learn how Meeting Assistant can help your organization, please contact our sales team today. Add objects to the diagram by dragging them from the Sales Flowcharts library to the document page. You can assign the library objects with Rapid Draw features using Rapid Draw item on the Shape menu. Finally, you can export your drawing as MS PowerPoint® and Adobe PDF using the Export options from the File menu.
Result: With the help of a sales flowchart you can visually describe the tasks, documents фтв staff responsibilities for execution at each stage of the particular sales process. The chance to have a great conversation with your potential customers, helping them to see the benefits of working with you – it’s what we come to work for. It’s amazing what we can do with an understanding of your business, a database and a phone. Having managed my own IT recruitment consultancy for a few years I decided to change direction and whilst looking after my children I became involved in managing telemarketing Projects.
As an experienced professional, one of Robert’s stand out qualities is being able to have mature business discussions with your target key decision makers. We will confirm and update your contact details, freeing up your sales team’s valuable time.
It’s really important to look after all your customers, so talk to us about regular reviews that make sure you’re doing the best for customers old and new. Your team is able to reach more people remotely and get in touch with prospects that probably would not be available for a face-to-face meeting. Your phone sales team should never be unprepared or take more of the customer’s time than they have to. You can tailor the presentation order, content and even the target duration of each agenda item to your liking.
Sometimes it is necessary to do a series of call meetings, such as company and product introductions, information gathering or feedback sessions, closing the deal and after-sales communication. If, for example, the customer does not receive the demo account information to his email promptly after the call is done, you are more than likely to lose the customer’s interest and the deal as well. With customization, you can make your process clearer and faster -and therefore more productive. Our main product, Meeting Assistant for Sales, is a smart sales meeting solution for forward-thinking sales teams. I enjoyed it so much that after a successful 3 years it motivated me to set up Creating Sales, which has been established since 2011. Telemarketing is THE way to generate new business, and by asking us to help, you get a professional, experienced service, whilst you concentrate on running your business.

To update your current Meeting Assistant for Sales, simply go to AppExchange and click Get It Now. By following the call meeting agenda on their screen while talking with the customer, your sales call team will always have their marching orders exactly as planned. If you do not define clear targets, tasks and responsibilities, it is easy to drop the ball and lose the customer halfway to the finish line.
Meeting Assistant for Sales is available today as a free trial through the Salesforce AppExchange.
This solution extends ConceptDraw PRO with 6 vector stencils libraries that contains vector shapes that can be used when representing the flow of data, documents, and tasks of any sale process.
This allows me to put my skills to good use whilst helping other businesses to achieve their sales goals.
Creating Sales went the extra mile in trying to understand our niche business, and have always been attentive and informative. Read on for the lowdown on the latest updates or contact our sales team for more information!
With this on offer, we felt that they were the right company we could trust in contacting our clients and giving them the same high level of customer care as we would do ourselves. She quickly understood what we were trying to achieve and got under the skin of our company. Jan quickly and efficiently contacted a long list of people I had not been in contact with for some time, re-established the link and where appropriate arranged for appointments. This resulted in my re-establishing contact, attending meetings and ultimately new client assignments. Jan was excellent at asking questions regarding the product, including some that we didn't immediately have answers for. This was all part of being able to sound knowledgeable to prospects during a call and I believe it was this diligence and attention to detail that enabled Creating Sales to deliver the quality of leads at the end of the campaign.
I have already recommended Jan and her team to our clients, who were also thrilled with their results." Steve Redden, Director3 Wise SolutionsJan Webb of Creating Sales was recommended to me as good telesales lady for my dry cleaning business. Jan was very efficient in every respect from listening to the brief, researching to keeping me informed on the day.
I didn't actually appreciate how much a good telesales puts into their job before meeting Jan.
Robert was very thorough with the spreadsheet and provided regular updates which was very beneficial to all involved in this project.

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