The night sky is our greatest glimpse of what lies out there, beyond our own world, in the expanse of space we know as our Universe.
By 1887, technology had improved enough that we could take photographs of this spectacular nebula, and thanks to the power of the internet, Isaac Roberts’ famous photograph is right here for you to see. And in 1929, Hubble used his data from observing this very same nebula to determine that this was no nebula, within our own galaxy, but was actually millions of light years away! In perhaps Hubble’s most spectacular discovery, it was pointed at this very dark, unpopulated patch of sky. There are amazing things out there waiting to be discovered, and the James Webb Telescope is something like 85% complete.
But don’t forget how truly awesome this Universe is, and how precious and rare our chances are to glimpse and understand it just a little bit better. Wasn’t there a bit of a problem with the JWST’s development so far exceeding budget by over a factor of four? It is estimated that the Webb Telescope will cost almost $7 billion by the time it’s launched (that almost a 40% cost overrun). Is the stop of the Webb project actually because of the money only, or are there ‘people’ who actively agitate against this project?
Even worse, the Senate Launch System and Orion-by-another-name earmarks increased, even thought there are insufficient funds to build them in any timely manner, nor are any missions described or funded. Building a tool that will let us see into the earliest observable history of the universe, for a comparable cost? I think the point to remember is that while JWST may be cancelled, this does not mean an end to astronomy. Ethan, very nice summary, particularly the empty space before Hubble and the many galaxies seen with Hubble. Kitt peak Arizona has 23 telescopes; the Davis Monthan Airforce base has over 4,000 mothballed military planes. We are a lucky nation to have dedicated dreamers, who not only do excellent fundamental science; but also do thankless budget battles for Gravity Probe B, Hubble space telescope, Supercollider, James Webb Space telescope and other small or large research projects. What SOLID proof do you have that proves the big bang theory?There is absolutely no solid evidence for it.
I guess we should be grateful that science is still being done in the good old US of A after 8 years of shrubbery that bragged about how stupid he was! Toward the end of this video Dawkins is incredibly tactful about the fact that 40% of Americans believe the bible to be a literal and historical account and thus are stupid and ignorant people. Though many people looking to save face by pretending to be victims or just looking to frott their persecution complex have said it is.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. Jesus is Lord, A Worshipping Christian's Blog is proudly powered by WordPressEntries (RSS) and Comments (RSS).
Here on Earth, we’ve been building telescopes and using them for astronomy for just over 400 years now. In no small part, this was because telescope technology, once again, had improved tremendously by 1929, as the image of M31 (below, by Bob Olson) shows. We found new types of deep space objects, such as quasars, the microwave radiation that was the telltale leftover glow from the Big Bang, and huge clusters and superclusters of galaxies. With something like 5 or 6 known, very faint stars, no gas, no dust, no nebulae or galaxies or anything else discovered in the background, this was one of the most daring observations ever.
Imagine taking the most powerful tool in the world and just aiming at emptiness, monopolizing it for a huge stretch of time, uncertain that you’ll even find a single thing of interest.
Even looking at a minuscule segment of the full-resolution version of this image shows a whole slew of beautiful galaxies.
Yes, but these galaxies are not two million light years away, they are billions of light years away.
We’re at the limit of what we can do with it, and without the shuttle (whose last flight was today), we can no longer service it. With a 6.5-meter-wide set of mirrors for gathering light, this new telescope will leave Hubble in the dust. It just needs to be finished and launched; this is the future of astronomy and astrophysics.
If you want more motivation (and more detail) about what James Webb is going to offer us, see this Nobel-Prizewinning astrophysicist’s take.
Even if you are ten times quicker and more efficient than I am, there is still a lot of valuable time put into this thought provoking material.
The Hubble and other space and ground scopes have found many old appearing galaxies at the greatest distances now observable.
I wish, now that we know how to basically operate in space, that we’d focus attention on getting commercial space operations handled by commercial industries who know a thing or two about how to get costs down, put people to work, apply scientific knowledge in practical ways and make a buck.
And when it’s over, even amazingly successful like Gravity Probe B, the pay was modest and appreciation is not nearly enough. If I was rich as Buffett I would give Nasa all my money fore developing these telescopes and things, this is how we learn and understand who we are in universe.

You are asked by Ethan to help save the Webb; promoting your ideological biases is not helpful, in this regard. Question: If it took seven days for god to create his small earth, then what about our solar system? I am 9 years old and I have a question… I wonder what the singularity that held the whole universe was in.
Without the atmosphere to contend with, not only were there no worries about clouds, turbulent air, or light pollution, but we could see farther, deeper and for longer amounts of time than we ever could before. With a huge range of wavelengths it can cover, from a green color far into the infrared, it will be more sensitive, by a factor of about 100, than all the other telescopes that have come before it. I expect that the James Webb will see exactly the same types of galaxies in the same proportions that we can see close by, to the limits of its observational capabilities, implying that the universe is far older than the BB model could allow. What we need above all is a low cost way to space so that future scientific projects don’t die of starvation from being so expensive right at the outset. Write to your representatives, start a “Save the Webb Campaign Fund” non-profit, campaign for contributions, convince Gates and Buffet to give a few billion dollars, contribute yourself (how about asking NASA scientists to contribute 10% of their annual income?) Regular folks donate to their church, would it not befit you guys to donate to the Church of Science? Westbrook painted at Central Baptist Church in Houston, Texas and represents a different well known Bible story. The large flex grooves and flex controllers of this shoe help to transfer energy into forward motion, so that each step is efficient. Direct images of individual, Earth-sized planets around about half the stars on this list, including the ability to detect water, atmospheres and surface features.
As I look at the second image of this blog post; that picture of an old telescope reminds me of the cannons within the walls of old town Quebec City.
Possibly bailing out all those Wall Street wankers and messing with Muslims as in pointless wars that just make the ROTW (Rest of the World) hate you had something to do with it.
But if I had to justify it somehow, I would suggest to slash the size of the Federal government (outside science community ?? and reorganize entitlements. If we take a little look at the sky in the night and if we have a little knowledge about the space, I believe our senses would never accept this fake god theory anymore. The Infinity Wave construction of this shoe helps to ensure a cushioned feel, with lots of rebound. The Mizuno Women's Wave Creation 12 shoe is also equipped with SensorPoint technology, which connects the Wave plate to the ground, adding to traction and stability.

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