We had a week of at or below freezing temps 2 weeks ago, including two days where overnight temps were in the mid to low 20s. I wrapped the base of my large potted pygmy date palm the first night, and saw in the morning it had ice on the fronds. However a closer look shows green at the base of the fronds (where they meet the trunks) and the trunks themselves are not mushy. I'm now fairly sure that the tree is alive and will recover, but I'm wondering what to do about the brown fronds. The newest green growth is firmly in place, yes, and the trunks themselves don't have any mushiness to them. What should I look for to know that it's the right time to trim off the dead fronds (the ones with no green on them anywhere)? View Radar, Satellite, Temperature, Snow Cover, Storms and more by zooming directly over your area. The First and Last Freeze image shows the average date when the first and last freezing temperatures can be expected.
The Midwestern Regional Climate Center produces maps that update DAILY, depicting the most recent date that sites across the region have fallen to at least 32 or 28 degrees this spring. When is it time to plant lettuce?  When do you sow wheat?  It all depends on your local climate.
The zone map is typically used to determine which perennials will thrive in your area based on average minimum winter temperature.  Click on your state to see a close-up. Very useful!  Find the number of frost-free days and the dates of the first fall and last spring freezes for all of Kansas.  From the K-State Weather Data Library.
And for those of you who don’t live in Kansas, here is a map of the whole country showing when to expect the last spring freeze.

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They were still green, and it melted off by the afternoon, but two nights later there was another freeze. I was at first concerned that the tree had been done in and if I understand it correctly, browned fronds do not return to green. I did water the plant well the night before the freeze, and again after we no longer had freezing temps. The fronds that are brown are not going to come back, but it MAY send out new green fronds.
Roebelenii is that if it is going below 32F for more than just a few hours, bring it in or protect it with heat. I didn't realize you could actually embed photos directly into the posts (though I knew about the link URL option). Those clover-like things growing in the top of the pot soil didn't seem affected by the cold, so I'm hoping that means the roots didn't take much of a hit. We have two pygmy palms and they both got severe freeze damage this last winter even though we had them covered ( wrapped in frost cloth ).
Sometimes we'll get a hard frost and my pygmy date palms get burned but the petiole never blackens like that.
A freeze will result in significant damage to many unprotected plants, especially if the temperature remains at the freezing mark for a few hours. Also depicted in these maps, gray shaded areas = places that have yet to accumulate at least 150 traditionally-calculated Growing Degree Days (GDD) since Feb. However, please keep in mind there is sometimes tremendous variation from year-to-year and between any given location across the area.

I covered the entire tree the second time (bedsheet with a plastic tarp, knotted around the whole tree, like a big lollipop.
The range of average dates for the last freeze of the spring across south central Nebraska and north central Kansas is between April 18 - May 5.
The range of average dates for the last hard freeze of the spring across south central Nebraska and north central Kansas is between April 7 - April 27. For example, Alton, KS, in Osborne County is typically prone to later freezes in the spring than some locations farther north, thanks to efficient cold air drainage along the South Fork Solomon River valley. For some of these locations, the incredibly early last freeze of spring 2012 between March 9th-11th was among the earliest on record. I thought it was a gonner and left it in the basement and was going to throw it out in spring.
In general, this means that gray-shaded areas have not yet become favorable for widespread plant growth.
On the opposite spectrum, for several locations, the latest freeze during the past 30 years occurred just two years ago in mid-May 2014. The range of average dates for the last occurrence of spring frost across south central Nebraska and north central Kansas is between May 2 - May 15. Its the only thread I have on here currently as I have not been on here in about 1.5 years.

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