The explosive hit series Empire provides millions of viewers with a hearty weekly dose of drama, but it seems that rumors about the actors’ personal lives are just as juicy as their on-screen storylines.
Footage obtained by TMZ show the co-stars being sociable and sticking by one another while enjoying a meal at the event.
Trai Byers, 31, who plays Ande Lyon on the show, attended a wedding with Grace Gealey, his Cayman Islands born co-star who plays Anika Calhoun.

The wedding was in honor of Lauren Whitney Johnson and Cedric Sanders, who are also actors.
Sources who also attended say that the two actors were getting quite close during the reception and may be dating. Sanders was featured in the 2010 film, The Social Network and the Denzel Washington drama, American Gangster.

Andre is the CFO of Empire Entertainment.  So, the two characters are deeply intertwined, meaning that Byers and Gealey will most certainly have the opportunity to develop a more intimate relationship as the series heads into season 2.

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