The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. As his birthday is just around the corner, we ask ourselves what will Serena Williams give her boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou??? Apparently Patrick was once seen as a promising youth tennis player, however it never translated to any professional exposure. Funny thing is according to his Facebook page the husband and father is still listed as “married” doesn’t he know he needs to update his status?? But moving on, the couple started working together right after Serena’s exit from the 2012 French Open. Coach of Serena Williams, Head Coach Mouratoglou Tennis Academy-Paris, Blog writer for Yahoo, Eurosport and Tennis magazines. I guess Serena gave him the birthday present no other French woman could…the trophy!! Agree with CHANTAL but I think Serena will leave this old man as soon as retires from playing tennis, right now she just wants to win slams under his guidance, the relationship thing is just added bonus.
I have always enjoy Serena and Venus play tennis through their years , I feel Serena has the right to b happy I do not agree in dating married men that is something bettween she and the LORD!!! The Solution for Educated Black Women Who Want to Get Married and Stay Married: Seriously Consider Dating Some White Boys. This is the story for many educated and high-career-achieving black women raised in a certain era, when black was always beautiful, black love was the only love, and it was a black woman’s responsibility to keep hope alive even if it was in exchange for her own personal hopes and dreams. Recent studies and statistics indicate that college-educated couples marry well and stay married, and at the top of the pack are white and Hispanics.

And let’s talk about how critics of marriage love to wave around the fact that the divorce rate is 50%.
Check out BB&W Kids, the first major website celebrating multiracial, multicultural and inter religious families! Married Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Divorce Split: Sofia Vergara Dating Newly Single Wife? Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi attend Arianna Huffington's 'Thrive' book party hosted by Victoria Jackson, Kathy Freston And Dean Ornish on May 8, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California. Any fan of Ellen DeGeneres talk show would know that the dancing host loves to have Modern Family friend and fellow CoverGirl spokeswoman Sofia Vergara on the program as often as possible. But it seems that Portia isn't near as fond of Vergara or her relationship with her sugar daddy wife. While it seems a bit of a stretch to imagine 41-year-old Sofia Vergara questioning her sexuality at this point in her life, nothing is impossible in Hollywood, and Ellen's reported $250 million net looks pretty sexy no matter which team you're batting for. Music Times Network is always looking for well-versed, enthusiastic contributors and interns.Submit your application today! Keep up-to-date with what's going on in classical, jazz, theater, dance and more with Classicalite!
With Mouratoglou’s coaching, she got back to the game and to a Wimbledon title, followed by a Wimbledon doubles title, a 2012 London Olympic gold medal, and of course the 2012 US Open title.
Despite the news that marriage is declining, looks like most people are, but black folks lag behind. Turns out that if you and your mate are college educated, then your divorce rates are like, way low.

Despite the negativity about black women dating out or being a€?unwanted,a€? there are men of all races who think we are divine. The status of Ellen and Portia's marriage has been the constant focus of internet rumor and tabloid speculation for months, with Portia being accused of everything from cheating to being pregnant. He is a monthly contributor for several tennis magazines, as well as blogs all over Europe (Eurosport) and Yahoo Sports in the US. But after decades of unfilled promises, betrayals, and women like my cousin stepped over for the lighter, brighter and whiter, these mentalities are a lot less noble and more self sabotaging.
We need to open that pool up to ALL men, because it boosts our chances of achieving our version of the American dream, which apparently, still means marriage, kids, and a white picket fence.
Some of the names he’s coached in the past include Marcos Baghdatis, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, Aravane Rezai, Jeremy Chardy, Laura Robson and most recently; as of June 2012 Serena Williams, became his trainee. Like her African-american male counterparts, she hates herself and her race, because she has become rich!
Especially that Sharapova she probably want to have left overs from you as she did by dating Grigor Dimitrov.
They have been photographed holding hands and embracing in the streets of Paris since last year so maybe all the success inspired them you know. Tall, beautiful, and authentically African looking, she waited and waited and waiting and waited for her ideal black man to come, but she found love with someone who had left his youth and good health behind.

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