Creating buzz is no small feat, requiring just the right combination of a multitude of factors.
But how DO you create stories people not only want to read, but talk about and share online? BuzzFeed, with over 50 million unique visitors per month, is the internet’s viral content king, pumping out one viral post after another. Now, with these 4 secrets to creating viral content, how can you create your own viral-hopeful posts, videos and images that also tie into your brand? Allie’s Pet Supply is a great example of the use of brand-appropriate viral images, Steve! Stay tuned this week for our list of recommendations for brand-centric viral content ideas. I hate schlock, too, and would never use it myself, but I’m remembering those awful ads for Snuggies.
Marketers are always thinking about how to get marketing content in front of as many eyes as possible, especially the eyes of their target market. Every time Lon seemed about to get to the spicy heart of the matter, he’d go off on a tangent. The Barton brain trust seemed surprisingly sincere, which I kept in mind as I turned to my next ad. Arguably, this very article has behaved like a one-weird-trick ad in delaying gratification this long. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. This week, singles looking for a date on Tinder will also find an alternative option for getting through another lonely night.
It’s tempting to conclude that these sitcoms are retrograde relics of meet-cutes past, out of step with the realities of modern dating. We’ll share some super-creative (and free) ideas and examples in an upcoming blog post this week!
I think there are definitely some things we can learn from BuzzFeed, but I would argue that cute animal pictures do little to help most brands.
But again, and we have to keep repeating this even if people get tired of hearing it, the brand is primary.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.

They gave me a loaner laptop, a prepaid debit card, and a quest: to investigate these weird tricks and report back to you. The videos were all 15 to 30 minutes long, and you had to sit through the whole thing before you can hand over your credit card. Slick ads suggest profit-hungry companies, not stay-at-home moms or rogue truth-tellers trying to help the little guy. In real-world New York City, hopeless romantic Mindy and curmudgeonly divorcee Danny would absolutely take Tinder for a spin after a long day interfacing with expecting parents at the office. For a brand, that’s marketing gold if your name is attached to all that social sharing. Yes, it can offer some light hearted humor, but is getting tons of traffic or shares of puppy pics going to help your bottom line? I enjoyed reading this, and it gives me a refresher on curating content for our store’s social media, etc. The ads were so ridiculous, we all TALKED about them, and doggone it if Snuggies didn’t become a household name and go on to make millions. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). These crudely drawn Web advertisements promise easy tricks to reduce your belly fat, learn a new language, and boost your credit score by 217 points. The science of grabbing and directing your attention advances each time you click a link on your Facebook feed. Well, your dick gets bigger with MaleFormulaXL, an herbal blend that runs you $89.95 per auto-renewed bottle. Now I am one of those people who cost the NHS so much money and apparently am in danger of having cancer, diabetes and heart problems. This week I have eaten cod and chorizo stew, smoked chicken risotto with spring onion and salad with warmed goats cheese and beetroot.
As for the rest of us, it’s hard to complain about a corporate advertiser butting in on our dating lives. Sitcoms offer an unrealistic version of modern singledom, but so do online dating services. You can survive the Obama-calypse with a booklet on bunker-building and water purification. Mindy may not literally employ Tinder, but she plows through scores of potential hookups with mobile-app efficiency.

If we get a post, video, or image that takes off, and our brand is attached to it, we want that traffic to convert. Instead, hard-up Winston recently got his fix by hooking up with a bizarre bus driver who recovered his lost cat. Her romantic interests flit in and out of the show’s narrative arc at the speed of a finger swipe.
She just does it all with her face positioned toward the cameras, instead of down at her screen. While a typical business website could never do what BuzzFeed does, we can analyze their tactics and apply those principles to our own content. I’ve never pursued these questions, though, because a fear of computer viruses and identity theft has always stayed my hand. If sitcoms were anything like real life, at least one main player on each of these shows would be reliably seeking out some stranger via computer or phone at least once an episode.
One curious click, I imagine, and I could wake up hogtied on an oil tanker headed to Nigeria. It turns out that at just over 13 stone and 5ft 4ins, I wasn’t just a bit on the curvy side I was properly fat.
I cut back on portions, took to chewing gum and drinking diet drinks and slowly emerged from my self imposed cocoon. This was also the time I hit puberty hard, discovered hair highlights and stopped needing to wear glasses. I understand how to dress my various lumps and bumps and when properly dolled up, I know that I can look as good as girls half my size. I don’t go out to eat often so whenever I do, I make sure I have a starter, a main, and a little pudding - plus a double espresso.
It is at this point in proceedings that I then realise my female friends have simply had a main, and not even finished that.

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