Whom: Men who use this pronoun in online dating ads get more contacts from opposite-sex respondents.
Earlier this month, Wired magazine published "How to Create the Perfect Online Dating Profile, in 25 Infographics," a large-scale statistical study of which words and phrases correlate with high numbers of responses to online dating ads. The accusative form whom should never be used as the subject of a finite clause; that is the role reserved for the nominative who. Whom should always be used when a preposition immediately precedes it (as in the person to whom it was sent), and, except in very informal style, the same is true when a verb immediately precedes it (You saw whom?). Where a relative clause modifying a noun of human gender is formed with the gap in a non-subject position, formal style requires whom as the relative pronoun: thus the person whom they hired or the person whom I told you about. Formal style calls for whom as the human-gender interrogative word where it has non-subject function (Whom did they hire?), though this is rare in conversation and could sound a bit pompous. In cases where a relative or interrogative human-class pronoun is associated with subject function in a subordinate clause that is not the main clause in which it is preposed, usage is divided, but many prescriptive authorities regard whom as incorrect; they would recommend the person who the police thought was responsible rather than the person whom the police thought was responsible, as the relative pronoun is understood as the subject of was responsible (even though it is not the subject of the whole relative clause, the police thought was responsible). OK, so you're probably just now waking up from the nap you took after falling asleep during the third bullet point.
Geoff Pullum is professor of general linguistics in the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences at the University of Edinburgh. The majority of the board considered that two scenes in the advertisement depicted a woman committing a violent act against another woman.

Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. For example, mentioning "yoga" or "surfing" in your ad was found to have a positive influence on the number of contacts that will result.
But never mind, fellas, because here's the best part: None of this complicated crap makes the slightest bit of difference! The majority of the Board considered that in a bar or licensed venue, such aggressive behaviour is not considered humorous or acceptable. One of the large dating sites missing from this list, PlentyOfFish, a great example of what a lean startup is like. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
For men, it is much better to refer to a woman using the word "woman," but a woman's ad will do better if she refers to herself as a "girl." Most interesting to me, however, was that men who use "whom" get 31% more contacts from opposite-sex respondents. What's unexpected is that one of the reasons it got banned was because it featured violence between women. And the idea of breeding with brainy guys who will think of creative ways to protect the offspring and carry home food is built into them by natural selection.
The obvious inference, then, is that women view the mere occurrence of whom as a proxy for actual evidence of intelligence.

What's important is that if you and he are both using online dating services, he will get more sex than you unless you up the frequency of whom in your writing.
I've been throwing my life away trying to catalog the entire set of grammatical principles that characterize Standard English, but those days are over. This crap is just awful, no wonder there are so many bots clicking on Facebook ads.ChristianMingle and CatholicMatch are all over the place. My eyes have been opened to what's really important: attracting women by writing woman-pleasing prose.
The other is that I want to see your friend’s faces and blurring them is taking away a valuable point of reference.
Are they men or women?  David Evans has helped entrepreneurs, investors and the media make sense of online dating since 2002.

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