Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. Women set age and location preferences, browse guys’ profiles on The Catch, and invite a few to play with them.
Whichever guy scores the highest across the three rounds is connected with the woman and they schedule the suggested date.
There are no pick up lines, no endless swiping, and hopefully fewer chat threads that go nowhere. It’s already got a few thousand people on the waitlist thanks to some in-person events and Ong’s relationships with local singles groups and sororities. The Catch will compete with Tinder, but also other dating startups similarly focused on finding you someone you’re actually compatible with like Hinge or yuppies-only app The League. Some might find The Catch’s extra friction boring compared to quietly judging people with the flick of a thumb but if it gets us in the same room with people we can tolerate being in the same room with, The Catch will be a welcome change.
The biggest television manufacturer in the world, South Korea’s Samsung Electronics, said today that it would cease production of televisions in Thailand this quarter, in order to streamline its global manufacturing footprint. A Samsung spokesperson has not said if the company will move television production from Thailand to Vietnam.
It remains to be seen whether other industry giants will move their electronics production to neighbouring Asian countries, but this news is surely disappointing for Thailand’s manufacturing industry. Join the discussion in our Tech ForumCancelling a Huawei P9 Pre order.How to create a Google map with 1 pinpoint? Tech news, gadgets, mobile devices, apps, tips and other cool stuff from SE-Asia and around the world. Filmmaker Bill Perrine gives Night Flight an exclusive look at “It’s Gonna Blow!!! Approximately fifty years ago, give or take a year or two, little boutique-type stores began to appear for the first time in some of the more progressive cities of our country, proliferating in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, on the west side of Los Angeles, on New York’s St.
Some believe that The Psychedelic Shop, located at 1535 Haight Street in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, was the first, and it may certainly have been the first on the west coast, no question about that.
This particular head shop was located at 113 Fry Street, near the corner of Fry & Hickory, in Denton, Texas, a northern suburb of Dallas near the campus of UNT. The Shrunken Head was apparently re-christened by each successive new owner, and so those who passed through its front door have known it by a variety of interesting names. Sometime circa 1978, it was changed into a second-hand record store and called, simply, Fry St. I was about eleven or twelve years old, I think, when I started making regular pilgrimages to my local head shop in Anaheim, California, which was called Swinger’s Psych Shop.

I loved to read, you see, and head shops were a source and distribution point for all things underground, a world previously unknown to me that I knew I was missing out on because I was simply too young to be able to explore it. The owner and pretty much all of the work staff — again, mostly long-haired hippie dudes and cute hippie chicks wearing midriff shirts or halter tops and ripped jeans — enhanced the great vibe by just making the customers feel welcome. I think sometimes they even enjoyed seeing this young pre-teen head wannabe who obviously liked the head shop vibe, and so they mostly ignored me while they continued chatting at the front of the store and giggling while playing grab-ass with each other. The dusky vibe inside the store (they never seemed to have overhead lights on, as I recall) and the smoky smells both enhanced the experience of shopping there, or hanging out, and I’m sure the store probably reeked to high heaven, but it smelled to me like what I imagined a musky Moroccan-style bazaar or boutique might smell like, where there might be incense burning non-stop. In the back of the store, there was a little alcove where they displayed blacklight posters, behind a heavy curtain as I recall.
Sometimes these head shops stores would be sold and the new owners would open up in the same locale, and really attempt to make a go of it again, for awhile, but usually they too realized that they were expected to comply with annoying laws that were starting to be strictly enforced, not to mention the harping of concerned citizens who were constantly in some state of uproar over what influence these head shops were having in their precious, innocent children’s lives. Some of the owners did pretty well with their stores, financially-speaking, and they began migrating into other areas (like selling concert tickets), which would then become their main source of income. Michael Lang, a wannabe musician and one of the original promoters of the Woodstock festival, is a good example of one entrepreneur who branched out into other areas. During the early sixties, he’d gone to college, briefly, a few times, including at least a semester or two at the University of Tampa, Florida, and it was during that time that the native New Yorker first visited a bohemian enclave of Miami, called Coconut Grove, that he got the idea to open up his own head shop.
His first store, however, which was located in South Miami, ended up being shut down by the cops, but he later found a more suitable vacant space in the Grove, and this time he played by their rules, obtaining a business license and making sure he didn’t give the civic authorities anything to worry about. But mostly, things were changing inside head shops, all over the country, were there were all kinds of new laws and ordinances that were specifically passed by angry communities and then strictly enforced by the cops in order to make sure that the smoking accessories weren’t being purchased by kids under the age of 18. By the end of the decade, most head shops — even record stores, like the Licorice Pizza store where I worked in the late 70s, in Anaheim, which had three or four of these long, horizontal cases stuffed with bongs and pipes and other items — simply grew tired of the continuing hassles, and perhaps the lack of actual profit from carrying a wide variety of these items (many of which weren’t actually legal to own, I think), and they simply started removing their drug paraphernalia altogether. Some of the head shops that bravely tried to soldier on, though, fighting the good fight throughout the decade but losing each and every battle in what ultimately became the cultural and legislative War on Drugs of the 1980s. Some of the stores started de-emphasizing the radical counter-cultural aspects of their inventory, and eventually bowed under the pressure of local uptight citizen brigades (sometimes they weren’t much more than a lot of little old blue-haired church-going ladies with pinched faces) to clean up their act.
Within a few short decades, these smoke shops were also dealing with advent of the online head shop, and more and more of them simply closed or moved their products over to an online website — or they went under, disappearing in a cloud of smoke, so to speak. If you came of age in the late 60s or early 70s, and you remember going to a head shop, then perhaps you miss them too. Finally, there’s a dating app for guys like me that aren’t as easy on the eyes but can at least write in complete sentences.
South Korea’s LG Electronics Inc, which is second in the global TV market, will also soon move its TV production from Thailand to Vietnam, thanks to cheaper labour costs and closer proximity to Chinese-based suppliers.
Mark’s Street in the East Village, and in Chicago’s Old Town, to name just a few locales.

Early on, like all head shops around the country, the Shrunken Head also sold what might be described as alternative-lifestyle newspapers which often questioned authority, or talked about what was happening in the streets, or they promoted esoteric spiritual practices. Some of those publications would feature underground comics, which helped to popularize the work of underground artists like Robert Crumb, whose work ended up on posters that hung on the walls of a million teenage kids in the country.
I remember that you could just loiter in the store for what seemed like hours, peacefully, without being harassed by anyone, even if you weren’t actually buying anything. It began tickling the inside of my nose just as I walked through the door, sending a message to my brain that I was entering a very different place in the world, a very comfortable place where, in some kind of unspoken way, it meant I was expected to leave any personal issues and problems at the door so as not to send anyone else inside, especially those hippie employees, on some kind of bum trip. I remember they had all kinds of wacky colorful posters on the walls of that little room, exploding with riotously bright purple and orange and yellow colors.
Inspired by the success of the Monterey Pop Festival in California, he promoted his own concert experience, the Miami Pop Festival, which was held at Gulfstream Racetrack in Hallandale, Florida in 1967, and headlined by the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Some cities made the head shops put these items in a completely separate room, and almost always the bongs and pipes and papers were locked up in glass cases. Oh sure, head shops are still around today, but they’re really not anything like they used to be like, for the most part, and I for one really miss that. That’s why new dating game The Catch tries to by-pass the chat phase and get you and your prospective bae to meet up.
Women ask three questions that the guys answer, but the women don’t see who said what when they’re rating their responses.
Guys will be more willing to kiss someone, but it will be better if you both like each other. He’s also worked for over twenty years at mostly reissue record labels -- prior to that he worked in bookstores and record stores, going all the way back to the original vinyl daze.
Then, make it apparent that you want to kiss him by flirting and having a lot of physical contact with him. Brookhurst Street, about a mile south of the Santa Freeway, next door or in close proximity to an auto mechanic or body shop or a muffler shop (something like that) on the corner of Orange Ave.
This essential video contains a full 7 step guide that can help you achieve that perfect kiss.
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