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Dating tips and advice for men and women, from the people behind the UK and Ireland's most popular country dating website.
Your dating profile gives other people an insight into who you are, so it’s important to make sure that it represents you in the best light. Tell the truth – You may think that people will be more impressed if you tell a few white lies, but it will prevent them from getting to know the real you. Keep your profile up-to-date – Every now and again, take a look at your profile and see if everything is still relevant. Mention your ex – Talking about your ex shows that you are not over them, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. Share personal details – Adding your phone number, email address or social media details in your profile might seem like a smart way to avoid paying for membership, but it means that anyone can get in contact with you, whether you like it or not. By clicking on the button above, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. If you are looking at a guy’s profile, and there is something that concerns you, instead of just closing the match, why not reach out and ask a question? At Muddy Matches we’re often asked about how we “match people up”, to which we answer “we’re not a matchmaking service, we are a niche website where people can search for other country-minded people and can upload a dating profile”. We do not arrange dates for people, like traditional matchmaking agencies, but we’re happy to give advice if you would like to hear our thoughts on dating. The biggest difference between online dating sites and professional matchmaking sites is the cost; Muddy Matches costs from ?22 for one month through to ?88 for a year, whereas professional matchmaking services can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds. We have mentioned before that by paying for an online dating site you are more likely to find people who are serious about finding love online than if you were to sign up for a free service, and the same thing applies to matchmaking services.
If you do chose to use a matchmaking service, make sure that you do your research, as some matchmakers use internet dating sites to source dates for their clients and therefore present the same people to their clients that the clients may have already found for themselves!

Also, remember that paying for matchmaking services does not guarantee that you will meet someone, even though some do offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t meet anyone suitable. While internet dating sites usually boast thousands, or even millions of users, matchmaking services are more likely to have a smaller and often ‘exclusive’ selection of people to choose from. There are of course pros and cons to having a lot of people to choose from and at Muddy Matches we sit happily in the middle, being a niche dating site with 70,000 members. With matchmaking services, you are relying on someone else to make a judgement about who is a good match for you.
Although it’s helpful to have someone to give you support and advice, it’s difficult to convey to another person everything that you like and dislike in a potential partner, for example it’s very tricky to describe what you find funny. Also, when you do your own searches you don’t have to explain to a matchmaker why you simply won’t date anyone who has put “You really haven’t lived until you’ve backpacked through the Himalayas” as their introduction. Whether you choose to use an internet dating site or a matchmaking service is up to you, however also make sure that you are choosing a reputable business by asking for recommendations and by looking at review sites such as Yell or Freeindex. For example, if you have written your age in your profile and have since had a birthday, it’s time to take it out.
Using the messaging service on the website is a good way to protect your details and if you notice any strange behaviour you will be able to report the person to the website administrator.
Here’s how to make the best first impression possible – and get lots of communication!
If a man makes no mention about pets, and you are in love with dogs, instead of assuming he doesn’t like them, ask him.
There is no magic formula to this, so adjusting expectations and settling into the journey with a patient mindset will make the process a more positive one. By signing up to a matchmaking service you are committing time (meeting the matchmaker) and money to your search, which shows that you are committed to finding a long-term relationship. Some matchmaking services also set rules for their clients, for example they might only cater for millionaires or the super-rich. For some people, this can be an advantage as a matchmaker can find people who they may not have previously considered. When you look through an online dating site such as Muddy Matches you can get an idea of someone’s sense of humour and of their personality by looking at their profile.

It was'nt through a dating site how I met him either it was a fluke thing I was in a local chat room asking for directions how to get somewhere and he sent me an IM.. The extra detail will enable people to share their own experiences with you when they choose to get in touch with you. Also, remove any references to events like New Year or Christmas that will quickly age your profile.
If you write a draft of your profile in a word processing package like Word, you can use a word count to check the length.
If a match doesn't get back to you immediately, instead of assuming they aren't into you, keep an open mind and have faith that everything will happen as it should.
So give them a nice representation of who you are and what you like to do by posting a variety of photos.
There is no such thing as a perfect person – so getting realistic about what you are looking for (and what is out there!) will help open the door to more potential partners. Oh and pics with your girlfriends are totally fine, just make sure you are recognizable, and not holding a bottle of Budweiser! Then post some images playing volleyball, hiking, golfing, or participating in your favorite sports. Two dates ate dinner and told him they had to go home as they had a busy day the following day. If the settings on eHarmony confuse you at all – contact customer care and they will happily help out. I would never advertise on a dating site being a woman I think that is the perfect place for a stalker to lurk, I think it is more hard for women to be single now a days then men..

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